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Booker is a 2-year-old Rat Terrier mix, very cute and a little complicated. For more info or to apply to adopt, please go to
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Enlarge photo 1
Booker is a complicated but very endearing little guy.

Enlarge photo 2
The very tip of his left ear is gone and he has a slightly chipped tooth on the same side. Was Booker attacked by another dog? We don't know, but he shows some signs of fear aggression with certain other dogs and nearly all people, except those in his small circle of trust.

Enlarge photo 3
But inside his foster home, Booker is a delight 95% of the time. He's a curious little boy, who likes to jump up on desks and tables to be on eye level with you and to see what you're doing.

Enlarge photo 4
He is an extremely attentive little guy, who wants to please his person--as long as he's not fixated on something else.

Enlarge photo 5
Here, he is intently studying the movement of water in one of the pets' water dishes.

Enlarge photo 6
He is in the process of learning that this mat is a good place to go to calm down (and get a treat).

Enlarge photo 7
Booker is learning that the mat is his go-to place, no matter where it might be found.

Enlarge photo 8
Initially Booker wanted to attack the kitty (seen at the top). Now, with daily medication and management (we purchased a safe place for kitty), Booker can observe the cat, as he's doing here, without feeling the need to bark.

Enlarge photo 9
He's such a smart cookie. It only took him one day to learn how to file his front nails on a board with sandpaper.. Next he will try to learn the back paws.

Enlarge photo 10
Every night, he locates his stuffed heart...

Enlarge photo 11
... and brings it up to the bedroom.

Enlarge photo 12
He sleeps soundly like a baby.

Enlarge photo 13
Booker enjoys watching DOGTV! It’s a non threatening way for him to hear lots of sounds and to see people and dogs having fun.

Enlarge photo 14
Sometimes he just likes to be a goofball.

Enlarge photo 15
Even in the middle of the day, Booker likes to chill in this cozy cocoon. His foster mom has promised him that he can take it with him when he gets adopted.

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