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UNJ DD GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
November 1, 2000 - December 26, 2017
  Our hearts are broken that Bailey left this world on 12/26/2017. He lived 17 years 65 days. Bailey was a wonderful companion to young and old. Until we meet again...Godspeed Bailey.
  Bailey is one in a Million! Our family has been blessed to have such a dog. Bailey is a classic black tri Rat Terrier with button ears. His temperament is impeccable and his hunting instincts are the best, bar none. Bailey's titles include UKC Grand Champion, United Novice Jumper in Dock Diving, and Den Dog.
   In 2010, at 9 years 9 months old, Bailey was the FIRST UKC Rat Terrier to obtain a United Novice Jumper title in Dock Diving. At 12 years old, Bailey was the first UKC Rat Terrier to earn a Den Dog title (before it was called Barn Hunt). Bailey was hired to model and is on the PetSafe's Contain N' Train In-Ground Fence package.
  Bailey's is the producer of producers to THREE (3) NATIONAL BEST OF BREED winners:
•     2015 - Great-Grandsire to UCD UAGI URO3 NBOB GRCH Raganrat’s Quintessential Q CM RA AX AXJ NF, …aka “Q”
•     2013 – GGG-Grandsire to  “Daisy”
•     2011 – Grandsire to CA NBOB GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am, cgc …aka “Dinger”
Bailey was also:
•     UKC Top Ten / #4 in 2003 / #5 in 2004
•     UKC's Top Ten Producing Males for 1999 to 2008
Bailey has been a very healthy dog for fifteen years.
Sire:  Raganrat Petie (lived to be 15 years old)
Dam: Raganrat Snickers (deceased)

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Enlarge photo 1

(I'd preferred he'd not come in the house with his headless Rat---uggg)

Enlarge photo 2

Bailey Boy
Mr. Majestic
January 2011

Enlarge photo 3

Bailey hitting on a scent in the tree.

Enlarge photo 4

Digging for "something"

Enlarge photo 5

Coat of many colors

Enlarge photo 6

Deep and cold snow!

Enlarge photo 7

Fun in the snow

Enlarge photo 8

Our "Bailey" (GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy)was hired to model for Petsafe products.

Enlarge photo 9

Happy 10th Birthday Bailey! 11-1-2010
Still going strong after all these years. Bailey hunts High and Low. What an awesome boy!!!

Enlarge photo 10


Enlarge photo 11


Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13

Climbing a downed tree

Enlarge photo 14


Enlarge photo 15

Up on the lower trunk

Enlarge photo 16

Bailey in the creek

Enlarge photo 17

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19

Creek crossing

Enlarge photo 20

In the water

Enlarge photo 21

Looking for critters in the wood pile

Enlarge photo 22

Bailey always gets the last word!

Enlarge photo 23

Bailey Dock Diving @ Premier 2010

Enlarge photo 24

Veteran Novice Class

Enlarge photo 25

Great swimmer

Enlarge photo 26

Great swimmer

Enlarge photo 27

UAD 2010

Enlarge photo 28

Bailey Sails
photos 1-6 by Richard Hunter

Enlarge photo 29

Boot camp
John Black photography

Enlarge photo 30

All American Boy
GRCH RaganRat Bailey Boy
5 years old.

Enlarge photo 31

Bailey won the ring game.

Enlarge photo 32

Love this shot!

Enlarge photo 33

Lover Boy Bailey.
He is such a sweet natured Rat Terrier.

Enlarge photo 34

March 2006
Visit to my Mom's in Arkansas. I pointed Bailey to a mole erosion in the soil. All I said was "find it".

Enlarge photo 35


Enlarge photo 36

See the trench?
Did I mention he is digging?

Enlarge photo 37

Zorro and Bailey.

Enlarge photo 38

Zorro and Bailey
Christmas portrait by Southern Reflections Photography 2005. Bailey @ 5 yrs and son Zorro @ 10 weeks.

Enlarge photo 39

Bailey & son, Blu.

Enlarge photo 40

Mr. Majestic guarding the porch.
Memorial weekend 2005.

Enlarge photo 41

Bailey watching the horses.

Enlarge photo 42

"Born to Hunt"
This is why they are called RAT Terriers. Taken April 5, 2005.

Enlarge photo 43

Bailey enjoying a Spring day.
Age 3 1/2 years.

Enlarge photo 44

Kentucky Lake - October 2004

Enlarge photo 45

The Premier Show
in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 2003.
Bailey finishes his Grand Championship and wins a BOB.

Enlarge photo 46

Champion of Champions
winner at Carolina Classic 2003.

Enlarge photo 47

Proud moment
A big win for Bailey.

Enlarge photo 48

Bailey and Rowdy
Rowdy, our Ocicat at age 15.
(RIP Rowdy, sadly Rowdy crossed over at age 17)

Enlarge photo 49

Time to say
your prayers before bedtime.

Enlarge photo 50

Bailey's Mother "Snickers"

Enlarge photo 51

Snickers as pup

Enlarge photo 52

Snickers as pup
Bailey's mom

Enlarge photo 53

Snickers as pup

Enlarge photo 54


Enlarge photo 55


Enlarge photo 56


Enlarge photo 57


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