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yak hair
yak hair , yak hair weft , color samples
Album by Susan Doyon. Photos by Susan Doyon. 1 - 9 of 9 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1

yak sample colors blue red orange 1
from left to right
1% blue 440 - 2% blue 440- 2% blue r
2% red NY - 2% bright red 351
2% bright orange -2% orange RN

Enlarge photo 2

clown weft bright red-brt blue-brt orange-permalon sun
these are custom dyes done for a client

Enlarge photo 3

Digital Camera

Enlarge photo 4

yak color 2 str weft jj
out of stock    we have a new batch different MFG

Enlarge photo 5

HH DW color Burg  JJ crop
out of stock

Enlarge photo 6

color ring crop  melanie
Digital Camera

Enlarge photo 7

yak color Burg  JJ crop
Digital Camera

Enlarge photo 8

yak color 60  JJ crop
Digital Camera

Enlarge photo 9

horse color 1 JJ crop
almost out of stock

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