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mohair and wool from mohairwig.com
We are a Family business, striving to bring our customers a wide selection of fibers for wig making,spinning and needle felting.

Products available include mohair,wool, and hair on skins for wigmaking.dyes by wash fast , Cushings and my own formula of wig making dyes We stock a wide variety of textures and colors, from natural looking blondes and browns to a rainbow of colors for fairies.

To order email me at mohairwig@msn.com
include product , size,Item # or  color#  and amount .
I will email back with an invoice for your approval shipping rates start at 2.98 for the 1st 3 oz.

Take your time and look around, the albums are aranged in groups .

all the different craft pelts are in one folder with seperate albums Some albums have more than one page link at bottom right corner of album shows sthe next page

the mohair is aranged as follows

folder MOHAIR has unwashed and washed albums

folder  Dye and Dyed Mohair  has

       doll hair dyes and mohair
       Cushing's dye and dyed mohair
       Wash fast acid dyes and dyed mohair

also in stock are curling irons, curlers and wig cap fabrics

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