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mohair doll wig making supplies
dyed mohair and weft in a wide selection of hair colors With separate albums for

Dyed mohair for wig making Wefted mohair for wig making wig cap fabrics and wig caps styling aids, curling irons and brushes

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Mohair Weft
1. Mohair Weft  (March 31, 2003)
This album is all sold items  , none are current stock  just for reference of past work ,I have started moving all the available weft to the shop.mohairwig.com catalog  

 Click here to see what weft is available from shop.mohairwig.com  

Weft is mohair that has been sewn across the shorn end, to make a strip for use in making wigs . the strip is then sewn to a cloth wig cap. Some times the weft is glued to the doll or cap. Prices are by the yard and are listed with each scan. If you find one with no price or have a question email me at wefts@msn.com  Please see my other albums for other wig making and fiber supplies
updated 5-1-07

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dye and mohair for doll wigs
2. dye and mohair for doll wigs  (June 30, 2003)
Here are the available colors of dye and mohair . stock colors are usually ready to ship .and the dyes are always available . The custom colors are usually in stock , but not always ( they can be dyed to order on 3 days notice if out of stock ) the dye can be mixed to order.

Dyed mohair prices

Kid curls are 9.99 sorted and lined up or bulk unsorted curls are 6.00 oz Yearling mohair ( factory washed and fluffed open ) Dyed locks 7.00 are sorted and lined up or bulk unsorted yearling curls 2.00 oz Fine adult ( hand washed and sorted ) Dyed locks 7.00 are sorted and lined up or bulk unsorted yearling curls 3.00 oz This has more usable curls than the bulk yearling and less shorter pieces

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3. dyes for wig making  (May 18, 2003)
available colors and samples dyed mohair with each dye
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english mohair top ( for dolls)
4. english mohair top ( for dolls)  (March 2, 2003)
combed top for dollmaking
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Wig caps / and fabrics
5. Wig caps / and fabrics  (February 27, 2003)
wig caps and fabrics
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styling aids
6. styling aids  (February 20, 2003)
combs brushes curlers and curling irons for your mohair
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