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skins for wigs
Pelts for doll making and crafts
Tibetian lamb skins
pearl and kalgon lamb skins
Icelandic sheep skin
asorted tanned novelty hides , beaver, coyote marmot ,chinchilla , fox tails.
 Email me your preferred colors  and sizes I will check what sizes are in stock. some  orders will need to be dyed to order
Date(s): June 13, 2003. 1 - 7 of 7 Total. Shared
novelty pelts
1. novelty pelts  (May 28, 2003)
Unusual skins for doll making
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tibetian lambskin
2. tibetian lambskin  (May 28, 2003)
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Tibetian lambskin aranged by color
3. Tibetian lambskin aranged by color  (March 10, 2004)
This section has the colors each in its own album to make it easier to compare the different shades of each color. I have put the white and natural in with the blondes , the strawberry blondes will be in with the reds, grey And black are shown with the browns.

email at wefts@msn.com  to be sure of availability ,sizes not available can be dyed to order.
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on ebay now
4. on ebay now  (May 28, 2003)
skins for wigs on ebay
please note lot designations first letter tells me the month and the second part H+ hair colors F= fantasy colors followwed by the order ( just so I make sure you get the lot you bid on.) If it shows more than one scan with the same lot #it will have a part code showing you there is more than one scan in that auction
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Tibetian lambskin  Fantisy colors
5. Tibetian lambskin  Fantisy colors  (May 27, 2003)
for  Doll Making  and crafts hand dyed tibetan lambskins in pastels to bright bold colors
I do not sell the dyes for these yet , but I hope to market it in the future . If you do not see what you want it can be dyed to order. (this takes a few days )All sizes are approximate there is some shrinkage with dying the skins

for more information contact
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Novelty pelts for doll making and crafts
6. Novelty pelts for doll making and crafts  (May 28, 2003)
A variety of tanned skins for doll making
      IN THIS ALBUM  - all short haired skins
pearl lamb skins  - Tiny curls -natural and black
Kalgon lamb skins -1/4" curls - natural
Kalgon lamb skins -Black - waves on the black
will be adding beaver , coyote and several other types
samples are always available .25 per square inch (please no pay pal for orders under 5.00)
1x1"=.50 , 2x2" = 1.39 ,3x3"=2.50 4x4" = 4.00
5x5"= 6.25
          Regular sizes
small 5.5" square  dyed 7.00 wht or nat 6.00
med 7" square  Dyed 12.00  wht or nat 10.00
lg 11" square dyed 18.00  wht or nat 15.00
jumbo 11x22" dyed 29.00  white or natrl 25.00
1/2 plate dyed  45.00   white or natrl 40.00
These are In stock as of 5-26-03
email at weft@juno.com  to be sure of the size availability ,sizes not available can be ordered.
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scrap lots of pelts for doll and fairies
7. scrap lots of pelts for doll and fairies  (May 28, 2003)
Sample sets are marked by set and the # they are collections of diferent colors and priced acording to the size of the pieces There is a small discount over ordering custom cut sampes
scrap lots are each marked by lot #   
These will each be scaned seperatly as they are each diferent each scan is a full page size and 1 oz cost 7.00 each for the tibetian .
The Icelandic lots varry in price acording to the size and length from 7-10.00 per lot and are not always by the oz
       lots can be mixed to order if there are colors you want left out let me know.
  These are scraps from cutting special orders so while you can choose your colors the sizes are random  If you want a certain size ( such as 3 x3" that is available at .25 per square inch from sets ( or have a set made of the colors you want to see ) the other albums,)
shipping is 2.50 for the first 3 oz - 3.50 for 3-8 oz and 4.00 for 8-14 oz  over 1 lb 5.00
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