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Our Honeymoon - Part 1
For Part 1, we decided to explore Peru, starting off exploring the Amazon and then hiking the Inca Trail.  Not your typical honeymoon.  Part 2 will be in the Galapagos Islands.
Date(s): August 11-24, 2004. Album by Michael Bang. Photos by Michael Bang. 1 - 24 of 70 Total. 2584 Visits.
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Hi!  Terrific photos - glad to see you made it to Machu Picchu.  Did you miss the tarantualas?  We are tickled to see we made the photo show!  Great memories.
Marilyn & Buddy, Thu, 9 Sep 2004 5:56PM
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Enlarge photo 1
Iquitos Bus Ride
To get to the Amazon, we flew into Iquitos.  It's the largest (500,000) city without road access.  Everything comes in by boat or plane.  We took a bus to the dock.

Enlarge photo 2
Explorama Dock in Iquitos
Here's us leaving the upscale dock in Iquitos for the Amazon.

Enlarge photo 3
Arriving at the Explorama Lodge
Here's our first primitive lodge on the Amazon.  We stayed here one night.

Enlarge photo 4
Explorama- Lodge
Outside of our accomodations.  We may have a door, but that's about it.  Just an open backside, with no windows!

Enlarge photo 5
Explorama Lodge
Covered walkways, to the bathroom and showers.  But remember, no running water, no electricity.  Just bats and tarantulas around there!

Enlarge photo 6
Dr. Linnea Smith
For almost two decades, Linnea Smith has been practicing medicine for the locals.  She came down from Wisconsin and decided to stay and help out.  She's considered a savior, doing all this for measley donations.

Enlarge photo 7
Amazon Shore Village
Here's how the locals live.  Pretty simple, eh?

Enlarge photo 8
The Amazon
One of our numerous excursions down the Amazon by open boat.

Enlarge photo 9
Dugout Canoes
This was the local means of transportation.

Enlarge photo 10
Rest time!
After a long day, trekking through the rainforest, time for a rest in a hammock.

Enlarge photo 11
Local wildlife
At Explorama, the parrots and macaws were extremely friendly.  It was a tough choice for this one, between a peeled banana that Elana was offering, or her beer.

Enlarge photo 12
The Amazon Rainforest
A shot taken during one of our jaunts into the Rainforest.  Nothing like taking a bath in DEET beforehand.

Enlarge photo 13
Amazon Rainforest Tour
Here's our guide, Willy, talking about the rain forest.  It's amazing how much is actually used by the locals for food, shelter, medicine, and everything else.

Enlarge photo 14
Amazon Rainforest Wildlife
Not sure if you can see it, but there's a huge ant next to Elana's foot.  And they're pretty painful.  I just wish I had taken a picture of the tarantula that was in my shower!

Enlarge photo 15
The Amazon
Around our location, it was about 2.5 miles wide.

Enlarge photo 16
ExplorNapo Canopy Walk
One lodge had a canopy walk, based on ladders and rope bridges.  Due to weight restrictions, only 2-3 people can be on a span at a time.  And you definitely feel when the other person steps on!

Enlarge photo 17
ExplorNapo Canopy Walk
Here's a view of another span of the canopy walk.

Enlarge photo 18
ExplorNapo Canopy
The view from the 118 foot tower on the Canopy Walk.  You could see for miles.

Enlarge photo 19
ExplorNapo Canopy View
Another view from the highest tower (118 Feet).

Enlarge photo 20
ExplorNapo Canopy Walk
Would you walk on this, 100 feet above the ground?

Enlarge photo 21
Another tour on the Amazon

Enlarge photo 22
Elana At A Local School
Since she's a teacher, we had to take this photo!

Enlarge photo 23
ExplorNapo Lodge
Me Tarzan.  She Jane.  Swing on that vine!

Enlarge photo 24
ExplorNapo Lodge
One of the local residents is "Charlie" a capybara.  The largest rodent on this planet.  So why does everyone feel inclined to pet it?

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