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My Bathroom Remodel
Okay, so I normally wouldn't post these types of photos, but: 1) Many people couldn't believe what I managed to do in my spare time with basic tools, 2) I'm darn proud of it!!!  Only my wife helped me take out the wall-to-wall mirror, but other than that, no one stepped foot in the room until it was done.
Date(s): December 06-January 07. Album by Michael Bang. Photos by Michael Bang. 1 - 6 of 6 Total. 901 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Old Guest Bathroom
So, here's what it originally looked like: White ceramic sink, dated faucet, tile counter, faded maple cabinet, wall-to-wall mirror, cheapo light fixture (not shown).  Also, I had already replaced the pink wallpaper prior to this photo.

Enlarge photo 2
Main re-work
I stained the cabinet mahogany, fabricated a beautiful granite countertop, installed a black onyx granite vessel sink and a waterfall faucet.

Enlarge photo 3
Waterfall Faucet
A front shot of the waterfall faucet.  Pretty cool, eh?

Enlarge photo 4
Side View of Faucet
Another shot of water flowing from the faucet.  You use the chrome metal pole sticking out of the faucet to turn on the water, that flows over the plate.

Enlarge photo 5
Hand built Shelf
I bought some molding and created a small shelf, having matched the orangepeel texture on the wall after ripping out a tile shelf.  I stained it to match the cabinet.

Enlarge photo 6
Mirror and Lights
Finally, I cut the original wall-to-wall mirror into a smaller shape, and used the rest of the molding (from the shelf) to build a mirror frame.  I stained it to match the shelf and cabinet.  The last thing was to replace to old 4-vanity bulb lights with a modern design.

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