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Moab Mountain Biking
A bunch of us hard core mountain bikers shipped out gear out to Moab for a few days of grueling hill climbing (and wipe outs).  Upon arrival, we did a short training ride, during which 8 of 11 of us drew blood.  That doesn't paint a pretty picture for the rest of the trip!
Date(s): April 2002. Album by Michael Bang. Photos by Michael Bang. 1 - 24 of 28 Total. 4259 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Group Shot
Some of the diehards taking a break on one of the trails.  It was hard concentrating on the riding with all the scenic beauty around us.

Enlarge photo 2
The Arch
Walking across the arch (1500 foot drop) was pretty frightening.  We weren't crazy enough to ride across this.

Enlarge photo 3
On the Arch
That's Chris Wine peering over the edge.  You can actually see our vehicles on the road below.  Yep, we biked up there...

Enlarge photo 4
The Group at the Arch
No injuries on this ride so far.

Enlarge photo 5
The Arch
Some of the mountain bikes sitting around while people walked around the arch area.

Enlarge photo 6
The Arch
Not a bad place for lunch.

Enlarge photo 7
Riding back from the Arch
A view along the trail from the Arch.

Enlarge photo 8
Packing up
Loading up after conquering the Arch.  Just hours earlier, we were about 1500 feet directly above us.

Enlarge photo 9
Warning Sign
Entry to one of the more difficult parts of the Portal Trail.

Enlarge photo 10
Riding the rim
If you look closely, you can see a dangerous trail along the rim.

Enlarge photo 11
Slick Rock Ride
A lone rider somewhere along the Slick Rock trail.

Enlarge photo 12
Slick Rock resting
Mike (me) taking a break on the Slick Rock trail.

Enlarge photo 13
Slick Rock view
A view of the scenery around the Slick Rock trail.

Enlarge photo 14
The Group at Slick Rock
Taking a break along the trail.

Enlarge photo 15
Creek Crossing
We got our feet wet a few times crossing some creeks.

Enlarge photo 16
Land Bridge
Another "arch", but this one was ridable.

Enlarge photo 17
Scenic Shot
Somewhere along a trail in Moab (Sorry I couldn't be more specific, but it's all good!)

Enlarge photo 18
Peak of Poison Spider
Standing at the top of the Poison Spider trail.

Enlarge photo 19
Hanging Out
Just resting on one of the trails.

Enlarge photo 20
Sunset Ride
Tony and I did a late ride and caught some awesome scenery.

Enlarge photo 21
Mike Micucci and Rob looking over the edge.

Enlarge photo 22
Getting ready
Rob and Pat looking fresh and energetic for a ride.  Little do they know what awaits them on the trail...

Enlarge photo 23
Creek Crossing
Another creek crossing.

Enlarge photo 24
Taking A Break
Ron and Joe taking a break.

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