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Friends Of Unwanted Rabbits
The Friends Of Unwanted Rabbits (FUR) is run by volunteers who rescue rabbits from the Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation. FUR is supported by the non-profit affiliate of Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation, Teaching Everyone Animals Matter (TEAM). All rabbits are spayed/neutered, litter box trained, and socialized before being housed at Petsmart Adoption Centers. Rabbits are adopted to carefully screened indoor homes by FUR volunteers.

Adoptable rabbits can be seen at Petsmarts located at:
2375 Iron Point Road, Folsom, CA
2705 East Bidwell Street, Folsom, CA

Rabbits in foster care are also available for adoption, unless otherwise noted.

Please call us at 916-710-0105 to schedule an appointment or email teamfur@gmail.com.

When calling our message line please speak your name and phone number slowly & repeat it. You can expect a response within 48 hours but please be patient as we are volunteers. NOTE: When using a cell phone inside of Petsmart to call our message line often the phone cuts out so we are not able to understand phone numbers or names. Please go outside to make your calls. Also ADULTS ONLY should call. Often when a child calls it is difficult to understand the phone number or the child simply forgets to leave the phone number. This is a message line only. If you do not receive a call back please email us at teamfur@gmail.com.  We are volunteers, please be patient and know that our goal is to find the rabbits forever loving homes.

VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! Foster homes are needed to provide temporary housing for rabbits rescued from the shelter. Save a rabbit's life -become a foster! If you are interested in volunteering please call 916-710-0105 and leave a message.

The shelter is often full with rabbits. If you have an unwanted rabbit we will place a picture along with a description on our website under our Private Party Adoptable Album to bring more exposure that you need to find a new home for your rabbit. Email the information to teamfur@gmail.com.  

CHECK OUT THE ADORABLE RABBITS available for adoption at the Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation on Bradshaw Road. The shelter needs to get these darling rabbits adopted to new homes ASAP as they do not have room to house more than six rabbits. Please visit the shelter today. To view pictures scroll to the top of this page and click on the drop down arrow and select Sacramento County Shelter Rabbits.  NOTE: The Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation, located at 3839 Bradshaw Road, is open the Wed. thru Sunday for adoptions.

Check out our new website at http://teamfur.org.

Rabbit Information and Care Resources:
http://www.rabbit.org or www.bunnybunch.com
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Enlarge photo 1
Hershey and Godiva - Look at how big the babies are now! They are 12 weeks old. These darling girls are sweet as can be and would love to be adopted together. They are currently in foster care and available for adoption!

Enlarge photo 2
Hershey jumped in his foster Mom's jacket when she was taking pictures. So darling!

Enlarge photo 3
Godiva is a real doll. She is super playful and loves her sister Hershey.

Enlarge photo 4
Both girls are a beautiful chocolate color.

Enlarge photo 5
This is Leo, an all white neutered male rabbit with black around his eyes, a loppy left ear, beautiful blue eyes, and fabulous '70s mutton chops, courtesy of the lionhead in him.

His fur is exceptionally soft and he is very interactive with people and other animals.

Leo and Lolita are at the Folsom Petsmart on Iron Point Road.

Rescue Date:  5/27/13

Enlarge photo 6
This is Lolita, a young, spayed, female Dutch Dwarf rabbit.  

Dutch rabbits are known for their very friendly, playful dispositions and Lolita is no exception!

Rescue Date:  5/27/13

Enlarge photo 7
Leo and Lolita are very sweet together.

Enlarge photo 8
Leo and Lolita are bonded and must be adopted together.

Please see the video celebrating their love on You Tube:  http://youtu.be/Ooeqw6egG_A

Enlarge photo 9
This is Pasquale, a young, male, neutered Silver Martin.

Rescue date:  2/15/13

Enlarge photo 10
Pasquale seems to love all things Italian, perhaps feels like he came from Italy.  (He was really rescued from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.)

Enlarge photo 11
Pasquale has the handsome markings of a Silver Martin which is black with a framing of white fur.  

He also has a caramel colored spot behind his ears.  He is quite striking!

Enlarge photo 12
Pasquale's looks are only surpassed by his wonderful personality.  He is very sweet and loves to sit next to you to be petted.

Pasquale is in foster care and is available for adoption.

Enlarge photo 13
Pasquale loves his greens!

Enlarge photo 14
Pascale has a MOVIE!  View it on YouTube at


Enlarge photo 15
This is Buster (Brody's brother), a VERY friendly male, neutered, Califormina, about seven months old.  

Notice is handsome dark markings which includes dark ears, nose, tips of paws, and tail.

Buster is VERY affectionate and loves to lick your hand.

Buster is at the Petsmart on East Bidwell and available for adoption.
Rescue Date:  12/15/12

Enlarge photo 16
Meet Snooks, a male chinchilla rabbit who was literally saved from the stew pot! He is one of 50+ rabbits rescued in a confiscation in Sacramento.

Despite Snooks' difficult early circumstances he is very friendly and playful.  His fur is very soft and his eyes are a shade of blue.

Rescue Date:  6/15/13

Enlarge photo 17
Meet Irish, a male, neutered Californian rescued from the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.  He was purportedly the father of a litter of eight babies including Brody and Buster.

Rescue Date:  7-6-12

Enlarge photo 18
Irish is a great rabbit, very curious and full of personality!

Enlarge photo 19
Like all rabbits, Irish enjoys his fresh greens!

Enlarge photo 20
Adopting Irish would be a great way to celebrate Labor Day, don't you think?

Enlarge photo 21
Meet Brody, aka Brodalicious.  He and his brother Buster were born at the Sacramento County Shelter.  This is a picture of Brody when he was about four months old.

Brody is at the Petsmart on East Bidwell in Folsom.

Rescue Date:  12/15/12

Enlarge photo 22
This is a current picture of Brody.  He has handsome dark eyes and nose.

Brody is very affectionate.

Enlarge photo 23
Brody, aka Brodalicious, is a very curious rabbit.  

There is no tube (or new adventure) he would ever pass up!

Enlarge photo 24
Here is Brody, contemplating what might be beyond the confines of the exercise pen at the Petsmart on East Bidwell.

Brody WANTS YOU!!!

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