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Excellent ways to increase conversions a

Bounce rate is defined as the number of times a person lands on your website and then leaves without going any further than the landing page. This is one of the most favored analytical data that shows how interesting your website is for your target audience. Important to reduce bounce rate Reducing the bounce rate on pages that have the highest volume of traffic from your highest converting sources means more engaged visitors and a greater chance of conversion. Here you can read about some of the methods you can use to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion from a surfer to a customer on your website:

 Avoid pop-ups

We as internet users know how irritating popup are. The surfer reads popup as a virus as he is hard wired over the years to treat them as such. The pop-ups if unavoidable should be in the inner pages of the website and not the landing pages. They not only disturb user experience but also slow down the speed of the page. This gives an overall higher bounce rates as the surfer runs away to find a hassle free surf environment.

Enhanced design

Poor design is the top most reason for the user to turn away from your website the moment he lands. It is not only about miss-matched color schemes or bad drop down menus, but also readability issues. Design for the kind of audience you expect to visit your website. If you have an older target audience, never have small font for the text. Similarly, if the website is for kids, difficult words and complex language must be avoided. Web Design has a direct impact on the bounce rate and conversion of your website.

Click speed

The sped at which the website generally browses, or when going from one page to another really matters in bringing back people again and again. This not only increases the conversion rate but also enhances the chances of a user coming back for more. A landing page that takes 10 seconds to late is practically saying the user to go away. It also affects your search rankings which is another factor leading towards heavy traffic on your website.

Mobile friendly

In the current era, hand held device users have outgrown the desktop or laptop users. The website that doesn’t function well assures that it loses a majority of its traffic. This doesn’t generally involve design compatibility but also the text size which should be readable on a small screen. This enables them to read the text and see the website on the go, creating more traffic in an overall scenario. For this reason you have to be mobile friendly .

Landing pages

Every time a surfer clicks on a link on your website, the chances of him hitting a dead end and leaving increase. If you put him in a loop where he goes from one interesting landing page to another, the chances of him sticking for a longer time increases. This should be your ultimate target, just like super markets and casinos plan to keep the people in; you have to do the same with your website design.

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