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A good friend recently purchased an antique Moller 3/12 theatre pipe organ! (Originally installed in the lobby of the San Francisco Fox theatre in 1928) I was asked to help remove and transport it to storage so the new owner can build a room large enough to house this historic item! We actually played the organ before starting removal! It was removed from the Fox in 1963 and later installed in the home of Hal Wilmunder in Sacramento CA., untill Wendell Jacob of Davis Cal. purchased it and we then removed it. Wendell is the third owner of the organ since it's manufacture! I have had little prior experience with a device such as this, so it was quite a learning experience!! And quite a lot of work!! The original work time was estimated at 5-7 days, well, after 14 days we had the last piece moved!! 12-01-05 I had to close the guestbook due to spammers, sorry!
Date(s): September 9, 2004. Album by John Eickhof. Photos by John. 1 - 60 of 60 Total. 1566 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
It was known as 'THE BEAST' it is a 1928 M.P.Moller 3 manual, 12 rank theatre pipe organ! Installed in a residence since it's 1963 removal from it's original home in the lobby of the Fox Theatre in San Francisco!

Enlarge photo 2
This is the organ console or keyboard.. there are three keyboards (manuals) plus a number of pre-selects or 'stops' that cann arrainge the pipes in different order and sounds...

Enlarge photo 3
Wendell Jacob, the new owner of this unbelievable instrument!

Enlarge photo 4
Don Burford, a volunteer from the local Sierra Chapter of the ATOS (American Theatre Organ Society)is taking the swell shutters off the solo pipe chest...

Enlarge photo 5
Looking into the Solo chest, there are approximately 7 ranks of pipes in here. A rank consists of approximately 64 or more pipes, one for each note!

Enlarge photo 6
detail of the metal pipes...

Enlarge photo 7
more metal pipes plus some of the Tibia Clausa wooden pipes

Enlarge photo 8
This is the original Moller Artiste roll player that would automatically play the organ when an organist was not available!

Enlarge photo 9
These are the 'swell shutters' or basically the 'volume control' of the organ! If opened fully, the full volume of the pipes would be heard!

Enlarge photo 10
This is back of the organ console.

Enlarge photo 11
a closer look at the piano..all the keys are operated by vacuum!

Enlarge photo 12
another view of The Beast looking at the solo chest in the background..

Enlarge photo 13
This sign describes it all perfectly!!

Enlarge photo 14
This is the air blower that supplies all the pressurized air to operate the organ and the pipes, it has a 5 HP motor attached to a specially designed air blower...the rigging I set up is shown here in order to lift the 300lb motor off the frame...

Enlarge photo 15
you can see the blower partially disassembled in the back ground...

Enlarge photo 16
the motor is free...

Enlarge photo 17
this is the blower rotor, it is high volume and can supply 1300 cfm into 7" static pressure!! That's a LOT of air!!

Enlarge photo 18
This is the blower housing..all made of hardwood and dampened for sound...

Enlarge photo 19
This is the all steel blower mainframe!

Enlarge photo 20
electrical controls for the blower..

Enlarge photo 21
The frame weighs in at 250 lbs or more!!

Enlarge photo 22
The nameplate of the blower..made in 1928!

Enlarge photo 23
Here is the mother / daughter team of Barbara and Beverly Harris of the Sierra Chapter ATOS, wrapping and packing the metal pipes into crates for transport..they labled each one too! I learned a lot about the various types of pipes!

Enlarge photo 24
One of the 6 crates to be filled with the metal pipes alone!!

Enlarge photo 25
when filled the crates weighed in at over 300 lbs each!!

Enlarge photo 26
here is Wendell in a contorted position attempting to remove a wind "air' pipe from one of the chests!!

Enlarge photo 27
another view...the working space was very tight!!

Enlarge photo 28
yes that is his hand and screwdriver!!

Enlarge photo 29
this is some of the Tibia wooden pipes..the lowest note pipe is over 16 feet tall, and weighs over 200 lbs!!

Enlarge photo 30
this is the back of the 'relay' it is the heart of the organ..the relay takes electrical signals from the console and relays them to the proper pipes via electrical and air power!

Enlarge photo 31
these are two of the many air regulators the make certain that the proper air or wind pressure id provided to each part of the organ...

Enlarge photo 32
this is a large chime above the relay..I estimate it's weight at 400 lbs or more, it will be a tough thing to get down!

Enlarge photo 33
this is an electric siren, it is part of the sound effects that the organ can produce!! It was originally suspended above Main street in Placerville, Cal.! It was not part of the original organ!

Enlarge photo 34
here are some of the thousands of electrical connections that will have to be rewired when the organ is re-installed!

Enlarge photo 35
Here is a set of chimes located in the 'main' chest..

Enlarge photo 36
More pipes in the 'main' chest...

Enlarge photo 37
and more pipes!!!

Enlarge photo 38
This is the percussion and sound effects section...there is everything from drums to a model T claxon horn here!! All air operated!!

Enlarge photo 39
Here is the first load on my trailer...you can see the larger wooden Tibia pipes as well as the crates of metal pipes! Note that this organ was ordered and made entirely of birch wood!! Very pretty indeed!

Enlarge photo 40
the blower parts are visible in this shot!

Enlarge photo 41
more crates of pipes...

Enlarge photo 42
the blower itself made it on this load too!..

Enlarge photo 43
here are some pipe chests waiting for the next load...

Enlarge photo 44
the bass drum and other pieces awaiting transport!

Enlarge photo 45
these are two Metal Harps in the main chest awaiting removal..

Enlarge photo 46
heres that big Liberty Harp again, now the relay has been moved...

Enlarge photo 47
here is a typical pipe chest..these are the units that contain all the electro magnets and valves to supply air to each pipe as it is played..they are very heavy!!

Enlarge photo 48
looking at the xylophones in the main chest again...also heavy!

Enlarge photo 49
the Metal Bar Harp hammers after they were out of the chest...

Enlarge photo 50
one of the Metal Bar Harps...about 6 feet long!

Enlarge photo 51
here we are looking at Wendell's dining room after unloading all the Diapason pipes! up to 18 feet long! things are getting a little crowded!!

Enlarge photo 52
Finally, we had all the smaller stuff out, it was time to call in the reserves!! Jimmys Piano Movers came to do the tedius work!

Enlarge photo 53
There were seven items we needed a professional to move...the Console, the Artiste Player, the Piano, the large chests, the relay, and the large chime!

Enlarge photo 54
Jimmy's crew has the piano, the Artiste player, and some other items in the truck...

Enlarge photo 55
here they are unloading the console at Wendell's home...for storage

Enlarge photo 56
the console is about 7 feet wide, 5 feet high and 4 feet deep!!

Enlarge photo 57
next they unload the truck into Wendell's garage...

Enlarge photo 58
one of the three large chests gets transported into the house..

Enlarge photo 59
a look at the consloe on the porch awaiting its move into the house..

Enlarge photo 60
back at the original location, the wall has been cut out so a large lift can be postioned to lower the chimes down for loading..This is when I ran out of pictures! I will add more when the organ is installed sometime in 2005!!!

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