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October 14th and 15th!!!!
There's no place like home!
After our little "vaca", it was great to be back in the arms of our Rose City friends!
Jerry...we feel your love! He was our roadie, photographer, and drinking bud all in one! Kim's quick wit had us cracking up all weekend!! Love you two!!!!
The Friday Night club did NOT let us down...Edwardo, Dawn, Tracy, Shelly, Dee and "Happy Feet" Chuck.....so GREAT to see you guys!
A surprise visit from lovely Jules as well as old hommies Kevin(in from CO!!), John, Kat, Nikki, and Steve, Pork Chop, Howie,...you guys made our night!!!! Just like old times right Julie??!(LOVE YOU)
Randy, Joy, Cheryl and Steve....you guys are the BEST!!! Thanks for "loosening" us up....we needed it! Randy...you're quite the "Poemster"!!!
Bill and Charlene supplied the sunshine!! Thanks for the "peace" ornament guys....love it!
Bev and Larry made the long journey...wow. You guys are crazy that way!!! Missed you so!!!
Happy Birthday Cindy Wiltse!!!
Thanks to Wilbur of "The Relay" Band for entertaining us!
Nice to party with highschool classmate Debbie and her crazy girlfriends....FUN!
Always great to see the old guys..Marve, Darrell and John N !
Saturday brought everyone out of their caves...great night!!! LOVED it when the most nutty tribe of all rolled in the late night party door!!! Carl and Carl,Terri and Shirley, Nicole, Bob and Kim...YEAH!!!!
Dean and Beth..thanks for the awesome salsa!
Thanks to Karista, Pat, Scott, Kim and Nicole for your "services"!!!
Thank you Paul for the awesome cookies!! I blame you!
THANK YOU Gary and Lynn for everything!!
For a "quickie", this weekend had everything...lots of gifts, lots of hugs, lots of beverages....and it all ended with 1 VERY black eye!!!!
Album by Susan Hanaford. Photos by Susan Hanaford. 25 - 48 of 71 Total.
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