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Thursday night class pictures
This class met on Tues. night in Londonderry, NH. for 4 years until I moved to Edgewater, Florida. I now teach classes in FL on Friday night.
Date(s): 2007. 1 - 9 of 9 Total. Shared
Recent Thurs Night pictures 2009
1. Recent Thurs Night pictures 2009  (2009)
Recent pictures of my Thursday night class with pictures of all my painting demos. And just to mention, my new
Simply Faces DVD is available on my Website in the Shopping area.
2009 Visits
58 Images
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Paintings Linda
2. Paintings Linda   (2006)
Class Paintings, Linda
3524 Visits
18 Images
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paintings, Micky
3. paintings, Micky  (2006)
Thurs. class paintings, Micky
2080 Visits
13 Images
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paintings, Terri
4. paintings, Terri   (2006)
Class Paintings, Terri M.
3999 Visits
43 Images
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Paintings, Donna Hoffman
5. Paintings, Donna Hoffman   (2006)
Class Paintings of my student, Donna
945 Visits
34 Images
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paintings, Barbara C.
6. paintings, Barbara C.  (2006)
Thurs. paintings of Barbara's
474 Visits
17 Images
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Paintings, Terry, K.
7. Paintings, Terry, K.  (2006)
Thurs. Paintings, Terry K.
2980 Visits
19 Images
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Paintings Gina
8. Paintings Gina   (April 10, 2006)
class paintings of Gina's
3199 Visits
25 Images
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2006 Student Work
9. 2006 Student Work   (2006)
Wonderful Student work from 2006
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