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companion board
work in progress
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Enlarge photo 1
Commission finished.  She is 44" tall. Painted on canvas, attached to cut out wood shape.

Enlarge photo 2

Enlarge photo 3
The one on the left with two ruffles on her skirt is the original, painting on canvas, then attached to wood.  The one on the right is decoupage.  Had professional copies made, then attached to wood.

Enlarge photo 4
standing in front of my painting

Enlarge photo 5
My life size Marie's painted on canvas, attached to board.  The skirt bends to make a stand. There is a center board for the whole figure and side pieces of the skirt that fold forward to back.  These are supported by the canvas the figure is painted on.

Enlarge photo 6

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9

Enlarge photo 10
Marie, out by the back gate, finished

Enlarge photo 11
close up, showing jewelry, copies of her actual blue diamond ring, pearls and diamond earrings.

Enlarge photo 12
shoe detail

Enlarge photo 13
rose and hand detail

Enlarge photo 14
more detail, skirt, etc.  There still is a lot to be done...her hands, lace, finish the rose, etc. even her face isn't finished. The big change is that she is completely free standing...such fun!

Enlarge photo 15
Starting of my "Very Marie" Companion board.
Painted on canvas.

Enlarge photo 16
Taking advantage of using my dolly for a prop to show the size of the figure. This companion board will be made with  a folding base like a fireplace screen so she will stand up alone.

Enlarge photo 17
Another picture of my doll and a chair that I painted.  I just used regular paints to paint roses on the chair and added a bit of gold to the edges. They were already gold but worn.

Enlarge photo 18
Companion board packet (NEW). Consists of
full size 19 x 67" pattern, 7 photos, supply list and written instructions. Plus a full sized print of her head for reference. The cost is 16.50 including postage. Pay by paypal to

Enlarge photo 19
This is Elizabeth, painted for a client. She is 5'7" tall and 20" wide. She will be used in a dressing room and can wear necklaces, petticoats. shawls, hats, etc. Mostly she is just fun.

Enlarge photo 20

Enlarge photo 21
This is my latest painting available for seminars and as a packet.
Painting on Canvas, acrylic.  New project for
2012 and 2013.  The title is "Are there any messages for Me?: (A full day project)

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