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This album shows my Cherub painting methods and the furniture and walls that I have painted with scrollwork. Both of these subjects are popular with my clients.
Date(s): January 5, 2009. Album by Marjorie Harris Clark. 1 - 11 of 11 Total. 5717 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Classic Cherubs, 1 hr. DVD. Includes patterns and photos for 3 cherubs and supply list. This is a re-edit and also new video footage. It replaces my Cherubs VHS  and DVD which i discontinued two years ago. Order info is under the next photograph in this album.

Enlarge photo 2
I have had many requests for my DVD with my cherub methods.  The Cherub VHS was discontinued several years ago.  This DVD is available on my website for 26.85, including postage.

Enlarge photo 3
I'm holding up a sample canvas I painted for a client when she was deciding on a design
Order info is available on my website shopping

Enlarge photo 4
Here is the painting I did over my client's dining room entry.  This was painted with the aid of a projector and it was finished in an afternoon!

Enlarge photo 5
Closeer view of wall.

Enlarge photo 6
Here is my new DVD showing how I use a projector for this type of painting.  It is for sale on my website

Enlarge photo 7
This is a trunk. I used the same design and projector.

Enlarge photo 8
This is a server, painted for another client.

Enlarge photo 9
side view

Enlarge photo 10
This is a fast and easy technique and requires the use of an overhead projector.

Enlarge photo 11

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