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Hello, Welcome to my gallery!  I am a muralist and decorative painter.  Painting is my full time occupation and my love!  Roses and children are my specialty but I also enjoy painting seascapes and wildlife.  Custom work is very welcome. Contact me if you would like to host a seminar. I  travel teach and have local seminars here in Edgewater, FL.
Email me at:

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1. SEMINAR SCHEDULE   (Seminars 2014)
2014, Jan 10 & 11. "Any Messages For Me?" Little girl with a seashell. This is an 11 x 14 acrylic painting on canvas.  This is a class to teach the placement of features (especially learning to paint expression, (focusing on how to paint eyes). highlight and shadows.70.00 each day $25 dep to hold a spot. classes 9 - 5 or so. am coffee and light lunch provided. contact Marjorie  at 386 428 4903 acryllic on canvas Edit

2014 Feb 8 & 9. Sat. & Sun. Lady with a Straw Hat. This is an 11 x 14 acrylic painting on canvas.  This is a class to teach the placement of features (especially learning to paint the hose), expression, highlight and shadows.70.00 each day $25 dep to hold a spot. classes 9 - 5 or so. am coffee and light lunch provided. contact Marjorie  at 386 428 4903 acryllic on canvas Edit

You are invited to join my Yahoo Group...  Members are informed of all new products and seminars.

I am a Folk Art Travel Teacher. Folk Art provides paints and mediums for my seminars.
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companion board
2. companion board 
work in progress
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most recent seminars
3. most recent seminars 
Seminars in Fl and PA
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4. EDGEWATER, FL. TUES. EVE.CLASSES  (Thurs. 1 to 3 p.m.)
Edgewater, Fl Classes
Weekly Classes, Thurs. afternoon 1-3
25.00 ( limited to 6 students)
Contact Marjorie for more info.
386 428 4903
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photos of previous seminars l
5. photos of previous seminars l   (2013)
previous seminars, Edgewater, Fl
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window mural in progress
6. window mural in progress  (Jan 2012)
Painting of a faux open window in a bedroom
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Products for sale, Packets and Dvd's
7. Products for sale, Packets and Dvd's   (2010)
My Instructional Products.
Including 4 foot tall, New,  Father Christmas Board, E Packet for Butterfly Fairy. Also,
Grandmother's Roses Packet (my "grisialle" for soft blended roses.
Rose DVD, Simply Faces, DVD, Rose and Tea Maid Packet, etc. These may be purchased at my webside
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roses video demo
8. roses video demo 
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Good Morning Mural
9. Good Morning Mural  
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student work
10. student work  (September 30, 2008)
Tea Maid, painted from my Tea Maid packet by
Shirley in California
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various roses
11. various roses 
misc. roses...
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Sale, Seminar packets
12. Sale, Seminar packets  
Packets that were taught at seminars and not previously offered on my website.  If you wish to purchase, contact me with your choice and I will send an invoice to you on Paypal. No shipping cost.  

There are a very limited number of each.
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13. LATEST WORK  (2009)
Lots of Projects
My Paintworks Father Christmas
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Mount Washington Cruiseboat Mural
14. Mount Washington Cruiseboat Mural  
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New DVD's for Sale
15. New DVD's for Sale   (January 5, 2009)
This album shows my Cherub painting methods and the furniture and walls that I have painted with scrollwork. Both of these subjects are popular with my clients.
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pictures for Colleen's project
16. pictures for Colleen's project  (August 25, 2008)
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Previous Seminars, click on picture
17. Previous Seminars, click on picture  (2007)
Pictures from my Chattachoochee, Fl, Dover, NH, PA Ontario, Texas, Florida, Kentucky, NH, Michigan, Maine, and Alabama Seminars
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Thursday night class pictures
18. Thursday night class pictures  (2007)
This class met on Tues. night in Londonderry, NH. for 4 years until I moved to Edgewater, Florida. I now teach classes in FL on Friday night.
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Seminar Pics. Prior to 2007
19. Seminar Pics. Prior to 2007  (November 12, 2007)
pictures from seminars prior to 2007
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Windham Public Library
20. Windham Public Library   (2005)
Windham Public Library Mural of castle, fairies, dragons, etc.
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Cherubs, Angels Fairies, portraits
21. Cherubs, Angels Fairies, portraits  (2006)
My creatures! fairies cherubs, Portraits..
on murals and other surfaces
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Furniture, Glassware, suitcases, etc.
22. Furniture, Glassware, suitcases, etc.  (2006)
Misc. paintings ..on Glassware, furniture and suitcases.
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Murals, Saint Ann's Home
23. Murals, Saint Ann's Home   (April 10, 2006)
Riverside Home and St. Ann's

Animals, underwater, fairie tales, etc.
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Walls, wonderful walls
24. Walls, wonderful walls  (2006)
Decorative painting on walls...
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family photos
25. family photos   (2006)
My town, family, unsorted pics. etc.
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murals, airplanes and automobiles
26. murals, airplanes and automobiles  (December 9, 2007)
Murals, Car Auction Hall and airplanes in a boy's bedroom
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step by step panels
27. step by step panels   (September 8, 2008)
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Jeff Seip, Carpentry, Vancover, BC
28. Jeff Seip, Carpentry, Vancover, BC  (March 13, 2012)
Carpentry, Renovations, Work in Progress
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29. Edgewater, Fl, Painting Classes  (March 9)
Classes available. 2013
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