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UK Stayers + Pacers
Past and Present

If anybody has got any photos of the following British Stayers or Pacers could you please send them to me and I will add them to this album.

UK Stayers
Rik Notley, Nigel Brown, Ian Hallam, Chris Watts, Steve Barnsley, Levon Pegg, Tony Orme, Paul Rogers, Paul Wheeler, Peter Kennedy, Adrian Krakiewicz, Jeff Jones, Richard Smith, Nigel Meason, Kevin Gill, Mick Coles, Peter Gordon, E. Alsop, T. Maloney, P. Panton, E. Nuthall, J. Harrison, R. Coles, R. Schmid, Paul Daniels, Keith Reed, Stuart McCain, Dave Harding, Norman Dunroy, Bob Barber, Paul Spender, Gordon Aylesbury, Geoff Collier, George Dixon, Alan Johnson, George Halls, Phil Thomas, Gary Silverwood, Colin Armstrong, Andy Johnson, Steve Baldry, John Purser, John Hall, Andy Nickaes, Ken Cowdell, Steve Hefferman

UK Pacers
Jack Collins, Alan Gibb, Howard Broughton, R. Hutchinson, Ray Gee, Les Robinson, Rob Griggs, Sandy Carr, R. Page, Clive Murden, J. Hall

Or anyone else not mentioned above.

Thank You

THE BRITISH PACING ASSOCIATION exists to further the cause of paced cycle racing and training in Britain. It's members who are licensed by British Cycling to drive the motorbikes in use today all are prevented from doing so because they, British Cycling, are unwilling to facilitate the necessary insurance cover required which is in line with the UCI..Every other country which licenses pacers provides this cover which is the reason why Bryan Taylor and Simon Cope are kindly paced by Bruno Walrave and Wilfried Kluge in the good friday stayers race 2005.
If you have a view on this please feel free to contact Jonny Clay at Manchester
Mobile:0793 1534645                         jonnyclay@onetel.com

We seem now to have the insurance in place now for pacing ON BIG MOTORS in the UK and Europe which I am very pleased about.

Derny Record Attempt 2005

A Movie of Magnus Backstedt's attempts the 1 Hour Derny Record first shown on British Eurosport filmed by Cycling.tv

Under "Highlights" section
CLICK HERE Backstedt's Blast (Free)

See Also
CLICK HERE Video in Swedish by svt.se (Free)
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