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Pearsall, Frederick
1. Pearsall, Frederick 
Free-lance designer for Marleen and the Imperial Pearl Co. who owned the mark Marslieu.  All Imperial Pearl patents were registered in the name of Frederick Pearsall in the latter half of the 1940s.  The high quality jewelry is beautifully designed and rendered in sterling silver - almost always with pewter or cream colored imitation pearls.  Pearsall's designs were sculptural and somewhat masculine including an early series of pirate themed jewelry. There are no florals.  The hand demi - attributed to Pearsall - is the finest rendering of hand jewelry I have ever seen.
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Hobe, Sylvia
2. Hobe, Sylvia  (October 7, 2003)
This series of jewels was designed and patented by Sylvia Hobe in 1947. Depicting Asian figures, a number were advertised as Thibetan (sic) Chessmen or Bandora, in reference to a type of wood. The Asian figures or heads were made of a number of different materials including wood, genuine ivory, fired enamel and plastic. There are a total of 20 patent in this series - all designed by Sylvia in 1947.
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Joseph Wuyts
3. Joseph Wuyts 
Freelance designer for Trifari and Mazer
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Designers_David Mir
4. Designers_David Mir 
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