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Cavy Spirit - Phoenix
Cavy Spirit is a Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption home. We take in abandoned guinea pigs and place them, healthy and happy, in high quality, permanent homes. We focus on education and public awareness of the proper respect and care that these and all animals deserve. We are committed to breaking the chain of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Phoenix is named in the hope of him rising from the ashes of his genetic cesspool and having a decent life. His brother was stillborn with more obvious deformities.
Date(s): September 21, 2001. Album by 1 - 9 of 9 Total. 3291 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
"What a shame that this poor cute lit..."
"I feel very sorry for the little fel..."
"Whoever didn't check on this lil pig..."
"poor thing if i could've helped i wo..."
"I feel so sorry for the little pig. ..."
"Thats just wrong!!!! How could someo..."
"Thats just wrong!!!! How could someo..."
"I'm going to go home this morning af..."
"seriously sad. we have just started ..."
"oh poor thing! I have 7 cavies and i..."
"i have a male and a female,were pret..."
"Hopperhorse: Are you mentally retard..."
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Enlarge photo 2
"Poor little fuzz ball. ;_;"
"Aww! Shes still cute! ^_^"
"Aww! Poor little guy. He is so cute...."
"he's beautiful, I know how hard it i..."
"louise why have another litter my go..."
"Wot a cute lil pink nose! Poor littl..."
"we bought two boars...... or so we b..."
"He's a tard"
"One of the most beautiful little cre..."
"fellows,fellows listen up here. i l..."
"omg how sad i love guinea pigs and h..."
"my male guinea pig got to his mother..."
"Aww he is so cute! I wish he could s..."
"May he be a guardian angel to all Ca..."
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Enlarge photo 3
"What happened to poor little baby bo..."
"He was born."
"he died cause of people not beign ca..."
"precious little guy rest in peace......"
"You are so right Georgia. He does. (..."
"Well it was people who did the breed..."
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Enlarge photo 4
"its so cute is it a girl"
"no its a boy"
"so beautiful...so fragile... god bl..."
"it wasnt anyone fualt. rest in peace..."
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Enlarge photo 5
"What is wrong with this cute little ..."
"he was born sick cause of lack of pe..."
"that poor little thing"
"i know!"
"i am going to recieve gp's soon( a b..."
"amber:dont breed them.simple"
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Enlarge photo 6
"What is wrong with this cute little ..."
"My heart breaks for the little guy....."
"I vow now to never breed!"
"I wouldn't vow not to breed, even th..."
"my guinae pig Morgan had four puppie..."
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Enlarge photo 7
"i feel so sorry for the little guy."
"Isn't this little fellow a new born?"
"awww poor baby he remind me of the l..."
"ohh i just herd that he crossed over..."
"at least he is in a better place. Wh..."
"i am reminded what a precious thing ..."
"I don't think anyone did this to him..."
"i cant help but crying. God bless hi..."
"omg poor baby i cant belive some one..."
"So sorry for your loss. He wasa suc..."
"Rest in peace Phoenix. You are so be..."
"OK.... so I've read the story and co..."
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Enlarge photo 8
"Why does he look so ill looking?"
"whats up with its feet"
"These pictures are so touching... ..."
"the poor thing i feel so srry for hi..."
"can he reproduce. penis ? Looks lik..."
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Enlarge photo 9
"to cute"
"how could anyone resist that face?!!..."
"How can't you love that? :D"
"don't even say HOW COULD YOU LOVE TH..."
"He is adorable! My sister recently ..."
"Im so sorry for your loss, woulduv b..."
"I've read through all of these comme..."
"He's beautiful. I feel so bad he nev..."
"awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. the poo..."
"i have 2 guinea pigs myself. i love ..."
"Take a tip from the sows "who w..."
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Some babies make it and some don't.  It is very difficult to know why.  I have a baby who was 40 grams at birth, hand-fed for 3 weeks.  He grew up into a beautiful show pig.  Another baby was 49 grams at birth, I held her 24/7 and hand-fed her every 1.5 hours.  She developed some complications.  She passed in my hands on the 14th day.  Usually, if they are not going to make it, they pass away on the 5th day or sooner.  Raising guinea pigs can be joyful.  But for every live baby, there is another who died and it breaks your heart.  I'm sure Phoenix was loved in the precious short time you nursed him as a baby.  He is in a better place now.  So, try to be cheerful for him.
Marti Masters, Sun, 29 May 2016 5:39PM
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