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Cavy Spirit Residents
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These piggies are permanent residents at Cavy Spirit. If we can find a great adopter that would be willing to take any of these groups and provide them with the proper care and veterinary treatments, that would be great. However, those kinds of adopters are very rare.

Most of these guinea pigs are senior citizens that have health issues. Also, while a few of the guinea pigs are in good health, some of those are in highly bonded groups with other unadoptable guinea pigs.

We currently have 3 groups of permanent residents (12 piggies total):
The Tina Group (5), The Picachu Group (3), and the Lucy Group (4).
Date(s): December 6, 2004. Album by Teresa@CavySpirit.com. 1 - 40 of 40 Total. 14746 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Picachu is a neutered male and was adopted out a couple of years ago and returned this year.

Lately, he's been losing weight. He's been to the vet. We initially thought it might be maloclusion. It turns out he has a benign tumor near his thyroid. Next step is blood work to further determine a diagnosis.

Of the three pigs in this group, Picachu is the friendliest. We're not too sure how old he is. We think at around 4.

Enlarge photo 2

Enlarge photo 3

Enlarge photo 4
Picachu when he was healthier.
"I just adore him"
"He really looks like pikachu on poke..."
"He looks like an oreo"
"I love you!"
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Enlarge photo 5
How can you resist that face? Picachu when he was healthier.
"he's adorable"
"I think this one is cutes"
"How come nobody wants to adopte you?..."
"I just love his style"
"PI-CA-CHUUU! Gotta pet em' all! PIGG..."
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Enlarge photo 6
You can't say boo or she'll run for cover. Tanya and Tasha are highly nervous guinea pigs. This is a bonded trio with Picachu.
"she is so cute Maybe one day she ..."
"Aww! She is so cute I love Her"
"Awww! My sister was right she is so ..."
"So cute on one litte face!"
"I really want to adopt you"
"she almost looks like my sweet guine..."
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Enlarge photo 7
What a cutie!
"i love her eyes"
"It looks like she has eye make up on..."
"is she wearing mascara?"
"Where did she buy that BEAUTIFUL eye..."
"she has wonderful girly eyes. dontch..."
"she looks like a foal at my stable!!..."
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Enlarge photo 8
Tanya and Tasha (sisters) are part of the Picachu trio. These two females are highly skittish.

Enlarge photo 9

Enlarge photo 10
Tanya and Tasha (sisters) are part of the Picachu trio. These two females are highly skittish.

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13
Tilt. Under vet care for various issues. A very sweet guinea pig.
"This is the cutest little piggy I ha..."
"...or him [oops!]"
"I'm so tired from eating, sleeping, ..."
"She is THE cutest guinea pig that I ..."
"now she is adorable! tobad my dad al..."
"AWW, Tilt is so cute! My guinea pig,..."
"awww so cute!!!"
"what a poser! so cute!"
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Enlarge photo 14
Can't help having so many photos of Tilt. She's just too cute.
"i love this picture she looks just l..."
"...do you have a treat for me?"
"Cutest pig ever!"
"she is sssssssooooooo cute i wish i ..."
"awww she has buck teeth!"
"AWW! She looks like my guinea pig Li..."
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Enlarge photo 15
"adorable!!! :-D"
"adorable!!! :-D"
"can i have it email me to tell me ho..."
"never mind"
"ill get one at the store"
"You shouldn't buy an animal from a p..."
"Is it cuddle time? I need a lap!"
"actually thats why you should buy on..."
"I LOVE THIS GUINEA PIG- I just want ..."
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Enlarge photo 16
"awwww! it looks like my cute guinea ..."
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Enlarge photo 17
"Tilt is obviously VERY special.... ..."
"i can already tell shes a sweet hear..."
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Enlarge photo 18
"This is a beautiful piggy. I wish it..."
"What is it that this cutie is lookin..."
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Enlarge photo 19
Tina in happier times.

Tina used to be Buddy's mate. She's a very special piggie to Cavy Spirit.

Currently, she is suffering major health problems and is skin and bones. She requires hand-feeding and vet care.

Enlarge photo 20
Tina ringing the new year in.
"Aww She's ah-dorable!!!"
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Enlarge photo 21
Tina in fresh hay.

Enlarge photo 22
Buffy is a Hollister mom, who delivered her babies on July 22nd. She is living with several other Cavy Spirit pigs. While she could be adopted out, she doesn't play well with other guinea pigs. She's on the mean side and since she seems to be relatively okay with the current herd, it's just easier to let her be happy here.
"precious one..."
"I can't tell from the picture exactl..."
"Buffy the vampire slayer seeks comba..."
"is she named after Buffy the vampier..."
"Is Buffy spayed?"
"She looks so innocent..."
"She looks so innocent"
"Buffy is a cute guineapig she is so ..."
"She's sooo cute!!!!"
"oh my god she is soooo cute! I just ..."
"I love buffy and the tv show! and I ..."
"I wished i lived in the USA, then i ..."
"I wish I lived in Holland, where the..."
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Enlarge photo 23
This pretty Crested American adult female came from the From the Santa Clara Valley Humane Society and had 3 babies. She has an eye problem which requires daily treatments and is also being treated for a UTI.
"Wow what a beautiful piggi!I love he..."
"I wonder if age matters? But Shes a ..."
"Awww! She is a very beautiful girl! ..."
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Enlarge photo 24
"Pearl is so cute! I lvoe her crest! ..."
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Enlarge photo 25
This is Sammie, a neutered male from the Hollister rescue. Sammie has issues with recurring upper respiratory infections and is bonded to Lucy, Little Lucy and Dandy.
"He's very very cute! I wish I could ..."
"this looks like my piggy Zac,but min..."
"Just ADORABLE! I have 2 GP's myself!"
"This looks just like my Piggy, Ziggy..."
"I relly like this little fuzzball."
"i have a guinea pig just like her! s..."
"i mean him lol^"
"How old is he? Is he realy good with..."
"Oh my gosh!!:D I just love him!is he..."
"AWW, What a cute boar! I want him so..."
"geez can you guys read?!?! First of ..."
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Enlarge photo 26
What a look!
"He is so cute and looks really cuddl..."
"what a loveable moahawlk"
"what a loveable hair style"
"I love him/her!!"
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Enlarge photo 27
How cute is he?
"How cute is he?"
"i want him so bad"
"how cute is he"
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Enlarge photo 28
Lucy was our 2nd guinea pig ever. Lucy is the mom to Little Lucy (who is bigger than she is). Lucy is a senior citizen and part of trio that cannot be separated.
"Lucy looks like my guinea pig n..."
"lucy looks like my guinea pig lucky...."
"Lucy looks just like my guinea-pig P..."
"Lucy looks a lot my 2nd piggie Butte..."
"Just a question but if someone adopt..."
"She sure doesn't look that old. You..."
"She is a cutie. just like penny."
"she is so cute! i had a guiner pigge..."
"Lucy is just a cutie pie she'd be pe..."
"Oh my goodness! A queen of cuteness!..."
"HeHe, I think she's smiling for the ..."
"i dont like it"
"to ciarra - what do you mean you don..."
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Enlarge photo 29
Another view
"Lucy says:Whats that smell?!?!"
"To cute"
"what a cut epigg, wish i could have ..."
"Goodness, Lucy and her kids are so a..."
"This is very handsome trio!"
"Where is she? UK?? USA?? If she is i..."
"A little nosiy, but still an angle."
"I have a guinea ppig for adoption th..."
"it looks like my prenent guinea pig ..."
"she looks like my guinea pig, Shaggy..."
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Enlarge photo 30
Little Lucy
Daughter to Lucy, part of the bonded trio with Dandy.
"Is Ralphy a boy or girl?"
"tis little baby is darling e-mail me..."
"Looks just like her mother"
"She is a true cutie!!!!..."
"omg i love the three lucy little luc..."
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Enlarge photo 31
Dandy is a gorgeous little sow, who has moved in with Lucy and Little Lucy to liven up their lives! She is just a darling girl and a lot bigger now. She is another Hollister piggie, who was born on August 9th.
"Oh! This is such a beautiful little ..."
"dandy is sow cute"
"dandy is sssssssssoooooooooo cute"
"she should've been named Panda"
"What a sweet pumpkin!!!"
"I want this little gal , I relly wan..."
"Just a piggie a case of piggie love...."
"He' sooooooooo cute!!!!"
"awwwww what a cute little angel!!!!!..."
"I want that piggie!!!!!!!!!!"
"I would love to own her and I have e..."
"awww!! Shes soo perfect! How do I ad..."
"i luv you dandy !!!"
"i love this little piggy give her to..."
"AWW! What a beatuy she is! I wouild ..."
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Enlarge photo 32
Trouble is a great piggie! He is a sweet and handsome 3 month old boy. He was born on September 3, 2004. He currently lives with Storm and Romeo - they are quite the threesome! They have an incredible free-range environment at Cavy Spirit, which they use to the fullest! They really love having the room and ability to run around whenever they'd like, and we'd like to see that continued at their new home. The setup is easy and we'd be glad to show you how to do it safely. You won't get more enjoyment watching pigs than with these three!

(at Cavy Spirit)

"i love his long wavey hair :D"
"I bet he gets into a lot of trouble!..."
"Thats how my female guinea pig looks..."
"He is so cute!"
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Enlarge photo 33
Another view - Trouble is friendly, but always likes to be on the move!

(at Cavy Spirit)

"who could not adopted this little cu..."
"That's how big my guinea pig is."
"I can adopt him... Where is him imea..."
"He looks my guinea pig Pinny and jus..."
"aww he's gorgeous but unfortunately ..."
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Enlarge photo 34
He is very handsome, isn't he?

(at Cavy Spirit)

"hes giving me that adopted me look"
"Hes giving me that "iI love you..."
"This guinea pig is soooo cute. I bet..."
"I think he looks like the perfect gu..."
"I think he is sooooooo cute i might ..."
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Enlarge photo 35
Smile! Storm certainly knows how to smile these days. Storm was part of a large rescue in San Jose. 42 guinea pigs were surrendered after being abandoned in an apartment. They were in rough shape, and Storm was doing the worst of all of them. While the rest of them hitched a ride with a Cavy Spirit volunteer up to a rescue in Washington State, Storm needed some extra TLC and we decided to keep him behind. He recovered wonderfully (he just needed adequate food, some ivermectin and time) and he is now the happy, pudgy, wonderful boy you see in the photographs!

Storm is living with Romeo and Trouble in a free-range environment which we'd like to see continued in his new home (see Trouble's description). He deserves it after all he's been through.

(at Cavy Spirit)

"What a gorgeous pig! Soo cute, hope ..."
"How anyone can abandon their pets li..."
"It's a great name for this little pi..."
"He is such a trooper!"
"has trouble found a home yet?"
"How sweet..he's just like Carlos, ex..."
"-storm- u are sooooo cute u r just a..."
"storm is soooooooooo cute"
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Enlarge photo 36
A more demure shot. Storm is such a sweetie!

(at Cavy Spirit)

"i love him sooooooooo much and his n..."
"he`s sooooo cute i wish i could have..."
"He is the cutest thing!!Awww..."
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Enlarge photo 37
Another view of the handsome Storm.

(at Cavy Spirit)

"it looks like he was accidentally pu..."
"OOOO! *takes* I LOVE him! Looks like..."
"OHHHH he is so cute and fluffy i wis..."
"Strom is so gorgeous wish I could ad..."
"omg it is so cute i want this piggie..."
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Enlarge photo 38
Romeo, showing off his best side.

(at Cavy Spirit)

"Are you showing of???"
"I love his name and coat!!!!!!"
"he is so sweet!!!"
"He looks exactly like my guinea pig ..."
"WOW! He looks a bit like my sow!!!"
"Well...maybe not...he is smooth hair..."
"Romeo looks like my boar,but my guin..."
"romeo.....romeo where arth though ro..."
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Enlarge photo 39
Romeo is a wonderful pig! He has personality plus. Romeo lives with Trouble and Storm and they are the three musketeers, always off on an adventure or hanging out together at home. Romeo would simply blossom with a free range setup at his new home (see Trouble's description). You would be rewarded with one of the best darn guinea pigs we've ever met!

(at Cavy Spirit)

"Look at him who could resist that fa..."
"Does he have a friend called Julliet..."
"The camara LOVES this guy. So do I!..."
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh He is so cute..."
"The cutest pig ever (Becides mine!!)"
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Enlarge photo 40
Or is this his best side? We think he's great from all sides!

(at Cavy Spirit)

"he is so adorable i wish i could jus..."
"I love him so much.I can marry him."
"he looks like he's saying," Hey..."
"Nom nom nom yummy oreos this pig bel..."
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