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2008 and 2009 Backpacking Trips

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers
2009 Backpacking Trips

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Upper Paria River - March 2009
Chelan Summit - September 2009
Heading Down Paria Canyon
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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1. utah 2009 - Upper Paria River  (March 2009)

Utah 2009
Upper Paria River Canyon

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Day 1: Rock Springs Creek to Sheep Creek
Day 2: Sheep Creek to Deer Creek
Day 2: Deer Creek Petroglyph and Pictograph Panels
Day 3: Deer Creek to Kitchen Canyon
Day 4: Kitchen Canyon to Cottonwood Wash
Climbing Up Onto Bench at Mouth of Rock Springs Creek

The descriptions under the photo thumbnails in the album sometimes contain links to maps or additional information. These are identified by "Blue” text for links.

In this photo album, I've used links to Google Maps to show where certain photos in the album were taken or to locate features shown in the photos. Click on the link and close the sidebar. Basically, you can then zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or drag the map by clicking and holding.

I've prepared a Google Map of this hike that can be found here

Kickass Trekkers on this trip were: Bill Mooseker, Shelby Stong, Derek Stong, Fred Stong, Bill Peckinpaugh, Austin Peckinpaugh, Roger Shively, Eric Walkingshaw, Allison Walkinshaw, Ryan Oden, Kristina Oden, Einar Emilsson, Kris (Shelby's friend)

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers: "The High Adventure Troop" Alumni Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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2. 2009 Chelan Summit  (Sept 2009)
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Chelan Summit
September 2009

Derek and Roger - On Trail to Oval Lakes

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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