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Roadster by Kathy
This cage uses a Little Tykes "Roadster" bed frame, bought at a yard sale for $20, as the starting point for this car-based theme. The decorations are all in primary colors and the cage is targeted to a young child ... or ... the young at heart! Information on making "Cubes and Coroplast" cages may be found at: www.cavycages.com

Date(s): July 16, 2002. Album by Kathy. Photos by Kathy. 1 - 9 of 9 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1
Overview of the 2 x 4 grid cage inside the bed frame

Enlarge photo 2
Bed frame prior to inserting pegboard and corrugated plastic base

Enlarge photo 3
Pegboard placed inside frame: corrugated plastic base is placed on top of pegboard

Enlarge photo 4
Wall border protected with clear acrylic; stuffed toy

Enlarge photo 5
Close-up of center of cage: bedding has not been added yet

Enlarge photo 6
Close-up of truck that is used to hold vegetables

Enlarge photo 7
House with opening on two sides: creates a tunnel

Enlarge photo 8
This theme did not fit the decor of my bedroom so the bed frame was passed along to Calypso for her son, Ryan.

Enlarge photo 9
Ryan LOVES his new bed and NASCAR bedding!