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The photos in these albums feature a variety of fun items for pet guinea pigs. Most of the albums feature photos and projects from Guinea Pig Fun. GPF is a website devoted to focusing on the lighter moments of caring for a pet guinea pig. Take a look through the various photo albums and perhaps you too will find something fun to do today: create a theme cage and fun environment for your pet guinea pig, make something for your guinea pig, or just have fun looking at the various photos in the albums! Enjoy!

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Books: Guinea Pig Fun
1. Books: Guinea Pig Fun  (January 16, 2004)
This folder contains photo albums from the Books section of Guinea Pig Fun.
11 Albums
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2. Comics  (August 27, 2005)
This folder features comics by Anna, Coolcavy, Jackie, and Kathy. Each person has her own style of comics and focus. The comics are featured on Guinea Pig Fun. Additional comics will be added as received. Enjoy!
3 Albums
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Cooking: Guinea Pig Fun
3. Cooking: Guinea Pig Fun  (January 16, 2004)
This folder contains cookie and cake recipes and photo albums from the Cooking section of Guinea Pig Fun.
3 Albums
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Crafts: Guinea Pig Fun
4. Crafts: Guinea Pig Fun  (January 16, 2004)
This folder contains albums that show projects that are located in the Crafts section of Guinea Pig Fun PLEASE NOTE: This section is in the process of being revised. The craft projects from the missing craft pages on the Guinea Pig Fun website and all of the other craft projects are being transferred to these albums. Thank you for your patience. New items are added regularly so please check back.

13 Albums
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Gallery: Guinea Pig Fun
5. Gallery: Guinea Pig Fun  (January 16, 2004)
These albums contain guest photos and drawings along with favorite photos and drawings by Kathy, the webmaster of Guinea Pig Fun.
10 Albums
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Miscellaneous: Guinea Pig Fun
6. Miscellaneous: Guinea Pig Fun  (January 16, 2004)
This folder features Mr. Wiggles, Guinea Pig Fun's mascot, and also Certificates by Albinocavies.
2 Albums
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Theme Cages
7. Theme Cages  (January 16, 2004)
The photo albums in this folder contain examples of various types of theme cages. The first albums contain how-to information and photos and the remainder of the albums feature the various theme ages. Information on creating theme cages may be found at Guinea Pig Fun. If you have a theme cage that you would like to have included, please email GPF at guineapigfun@aol.com. Enjoy!
41 Albums
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