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The following dogs are available for rehoming

We have decided its in our dogs best interest to find some responsible loving homes for our dogs. I have the best interest of dogs first and foremost. Our interests and lives require some changes that don't allow us the time we think these dogs should have, so we have made the tough decision to reduce our numbers. 

Please contact us for more information.

Most will be placed as pet only- spayed, neutered.

We will not ship!

The Rat Terrier is an intelligent, alert and loving dog. Very inquisitive and lively. This affectionate dog makes an excellent companion for those who will enjoy an energetic dog. Both sturdy and elegant, athletic and agile, and often described as having a dual personality, the Rat Terrier is a tenacious hunter in the field, yet a sensible companion at home. He LOVES to play and has a special passion for ball chasing. The Rat Terrier must always be kept in a fenced yard or on-leash, for he is an impulsive explorer who will take off after anything that runs. He is also curious and clever, so be sure your fences are high and secure! Rat Terriers crave companionship and are sensitive. They do not do well in a kennel type envirement. Generally good with other dogs and cats in his own family, the Rat Terrier does have a high prey drive and quick reflexes and will dispatch squeaky creatures with little effort. Though he has a stubborn streak, this attentive, sensitive, head-cocking breed responds to discipline and to obedience training that utilizes food and praise. Being respectable terriers, Rat Terriers do love to tunnel and dig. Rat terriers are normally long-lived dogs, with few Health Problems. I’ve personally had them live to 2 weeks shy of 18.

A Rat Terrier may not be right for you if you don't want to deal with... The dynamic terrier temperament. Most terrier breeds are remarkably similar. The same words are used over and over -- quick to bark, quick to chase, lively, bossy, feisty, scrappy, clever, independent, stubborn, persistent, impulsive, intense. However, Rat Terriers are very individualistic in that some individuals fit that description to a tee, while other individuals are MUCH more easygoing and calm and make wonderful pets.

Providing regular exercise and mental stimulation. Rat Terriers must have regular opportunities to vent their energy and do interesting things. Otherwise you will end up with a frustrated, bored Rat Terrier, and that's when you'll see a lot of barking, digging, and destructive chewing.

Animal aggression. Though Rat Terriers tend to be more sociable with other dogs and cats than many other terriers, some individuals are still quite dominant toward other dogs of the same sex, and some are cat chasers.

Fence security. Rat Terriers are smart, athletic, and exploratory, which makes them ideal candidates for finding their way over or under your fences in search of adventure. You may need higher fences than you might imagine for their moderate size.

Barking. Rat Terriers are often too quick to sound the alarm at every new sight and sound. You have to be equally quick to stop them. Mind of their own. Though much more amenable to training than other terriers, Rat Terriers must still be taught at an early age that they are not the rulers of the world. The toughness that makes them suited to killing vermin can frustrate you when you try to teach them anything. You must show them, through absolute consistency, that you mean what you say.

Possesive. Many terriers are possessive of their food and toys and will defend these from all comers, including children.

Rat terriers also can be possessive of their owners. This can be lessoned with proper positive training.

I do NOT recommend Rat Terriers if you have small children. Terriers can be great fun for older kids, but many individuals will not tolerate any nonsense from little life forms whom they consider to be below themselves in importance. Many terriers are quick to react to teasing, and even to the normal clumsiness that comes with small children (accidental squeezing of their ears or pulling of whiskers or stepping on their paw). Many terriers are possessive of their food and toys and will defend these from all comers, including children

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SeraFina, owner surrender
Serafina -
Sera lost her home due to no fault of her own.
Would be best with a quiet home that will hang out with her on the couch. She loves to sit and get her back scratched. Crate trained, spayed.
She has shared her home with two other dogs, cats, and even some bunnies. She also is good around chickens.
Birth date 08/29/08
Weight approximately 15 pounds
No adoption fee however home visit and references required.

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Sera Fina
Sera’s photo from when she was a bit younger

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Maggie Mae-owner surrendor
Maggie is a 9 year old spayed female seeking a loving home. She lost her home due to no fault is her own.

Message from her broken hearted owner
“Maggie Mae -

Birth date 03/15/09
Weight approximately 14 pounds. She loves to smile and snort, especially if you say her name or talk to her in a high-pitched voice.  She shows her teeth in a full out smile and very submissive pose. Some find this scary. She also likes to lay with her back legs behind her and drag herself around on the rug.  She is very submissive for lots of different animals including some other dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens - she will roll over onto her back in front of them.  She's submissive to humans as well.  She does hate thunder or gun shots (and some times the riding mower if it back fires).  She is crate trained so she feels better in her crate during those times.  She absolutely hates her nails cut, you would think she weighed 500 pounds when you're try...

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Maggie Mae
Photo from When she was a bit younger

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Avery Female available
Avery gets along with all our other dogs. She is crate trained and affectionate. She is a cumpulsive licker of her people and her pack which Sometimes can annoy her humans and her fellow pack members. She was lightly shown and easily achieved her Champion. She isn’t used to traveling much however I’m sure with someone that has time she will learn to travel well with her person. She had 2 lovely litters and it time for her to find the best home.
Available for the cost of her spay with my Vet. $200

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Avery is a female available

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Natural bob tail, Pll Carrier and Pra carrier
Fifty is available to a pet home. Great agility prospect. he is Treble's sire.
Stands 14"+tall
Moderate energy level
Available for the cost of his neuter, my vet charges about $200
Please contact us for information

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