"vintage shasta" Shasta Project
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Shasta Project
Sold to "Michelle" as of September 16, 2007

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  All photos are courteousy of NC RV Solutions, or www.ncrvsolutions.com  Even if you're not looking for a total renovation, please contact NC RV Solutions for all your projects.

 A few items to mention, there is a 15 gallon holding tank for the sink.  The toilet is a self contained 2.5 gallon tank with 12v pump.  It drains with a standard RV Hose.  The water heater is 2.5 gallon 110 volt.  The Fridge is a dorm style (brand new 4.4 cu ft Magic Chef, and the airconditioner is brand new 5500 btu with remote. There is also a Micro Wave. The fridge, the water heater, Micro Wave and air conditioner all need 110 volts.  Everything else in the trailer; lights, toilet, exhaust fan etc, is 12 volts.  The 12v battery is brand new.  The tires (3) are brand new. The trailer weighs about 1300 pounds, you need a six cylinder to pull it. Lastly there is a bunk.  It has not been finished until determined whether the new owner will want to leave it folded up or use it for kids.  This or any other modifications within reason are included in the asking price. The asking price also includes everything from the dinner plates to the coffee cups to the marsh mellow sticks.  Everything you need to go to the lake this weekend.  Please refer all emails to danhellier@aol.com.
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