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Teresa Roof Tear Open April 2018
1. Teresa Roof Tear Open April 2018  (April 2018)
Tear Open 16 to 18 feet of roof, & re-build
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Sheila & Joe Underpinning
2. Sheila & Joe Underpinning  (October 30, 2017)
Treated Wood Underpinning
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Teresa, Build Over
3. Teresa, Build Over  (August 2017)
Build over with screened porch
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School Bus Coversion
4. School Bus Coversion  (Feb 2017)
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roof repair & splice
5. roof repair & splice  (April 2016)
I have never had a splice leak in 7 years.  Apparently I'm the only one on the east coast doing them.
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Shasta Interior
6. Shasta Interior  (Feb 2016)
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Water Damage Utah Drive
7. Water Damage Utah Drive  (June 2015)
Due to being unable to reach the side of the trailer where the porch roof is butted to the trailer, an alternative repair was done to create a new roof to slope any & all water away from the porch roof.
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Brave Drive Water Damage
8. Brave Drive Water Damage  (July 2014)
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Ahoskie Roof Repair
9. Ahoskie Roof Repair  (July 2014)
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Outback Floor Water Damage
10. Outback Floor Water Damage  (May 2014)
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Lake Royale Slide Out Repair
11. Lake Royale Slide Out Repair  (April 3014)
Becuase the slide is permanently out, I was able to do just a patch job to the affected area.  Other corner is also damaged, will be working that next
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Lake Royale Water Damage Repair
12. Lake Royale Water Damage Repair  (April 9, 2014)
Two areas of water damage, plus re-do all Di-Cor Sealants
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Sunny Brook Roof Repair
13. Sunny Brook Roof Repair  (March, 2014)
Re-coat roof, new di-cor sealants and repair rotted area.
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Alysia's Shasta Compact
14. Alysia's Shasta Compact  (Feb 2014)
New interior paint after repairs, new upholstery as well
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1966 Shasta Interior Paint
15. 1966 Shasta Interior Paint  (January 2014)
Sold, Jan 28, 2014.  Going to it's new home in Tennessee.
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Pioneer Roof Repair
16. Pioneer Roof Repair  (Dec 2013)
Rotted wood in left front corner, and damage along entire right side of roof from where a porch roof was attached.
All other Di-Cor sealants re-done.
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Front wall water damage
17. Front wall water damage  (July 2013)
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18. Kathleen  (March 2013)
Multiple areas of water damage
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Dog Grooming Trailer Up-grades
19. Dog Grooming Trailer Up-grades  (January 2013)
Add Fantastic 5000RBT fan, and Advent 13.5 K Btu Air Conditioner
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T.P.O. Roof Repair
20. T.P.O. Roof Repair  (Jan 2013)
T.P.O. is similar to EDPM rubber, but it's more of a viynl.  Still use Di-Cor for sealing.
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Truck Camper Bathroom Wall
21. Truck Camper Bathroom Wall  (Dec 2012)
The shower walls in this 2011 model truck camper are bowed in different spots.  Most likely caused by panels not having enough room for expansion.
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Sunline trailer roof replacement
22. Sunline trailer roof replacement  (Oct / Nov 2012)
O.k, just when I thought I saw it all.  Underneath two layers of rubber (another story) instead of finding wood, I found cardboard on 18 inch centers.  Explains why the roof feels like walking on a sponge.  I will be installing 3/8 inch plywood in place of the cardboard and will install new rubber.
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Park Model Roof Replacement
23. Park Model Roof Replacement  (October 2012)
Due to this trailer not able to be moved, and having to do the roof with unknown weather, the roof is being done in 3 sections, 12 foot, 12 foot, and 10 foot, so it will have two overlapping seams
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Hybrid bunk repair
24. Hybrid bunk repair 
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Terry tree repair
25. Terry tree repair  (Aug 2012)
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1963 Shasta Sold to Debbie of Alabama
26. 1963 Shasta Sold to Debbie of Alabama  (June 2012)
In my business of r.v. repair, I occasionally stumble over some great diamonds in the ruff.  This one was quite the surprise.  It's been painted, it had a couple areas of water damage which I have repaired.  More info in the pictures below.  Upholstery has holes here and there, that's why it's covered.  I can have that re-done to the new owners specs.  I don't want to do it ahead of time and have the owner not like the upholstery I picked.  I have fixed the water damage.  The new panels are kind of shiny which makes them stand out, but will fade to match in a few months.  Wheel bearings will be re-packed and tail light clearance / turn signals work.  I have sealed all windows, doors, roof, etc.  Is water tight.  Includes Canvas awning and poles.  Clear Title  I can add / delete anything including major appliances. You can see many Shastas I have redone before on this site, just click on "my home" at top of page.     
919 522 6731  Prefer email:  danhellier@aol.com
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Lake Royal Water Damage
27. Lake Royal Water Damage  (May 2012)
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Atlantic Beach Water Damage
28. Atlantic Beach Water Damage  (April 2012)
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Toy Hauler Water Damage
29. Toy Hauler Water Damage  (April 2012)
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Holiday Ramblette
30. Holiday Ramblette  (March 2012)
More pictures to come
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Pretzel Truck Upgrades
31. Pretzel Truck Upgrades  (Feb, 2012)
Up-graded wall, all new plumbing, electrical upgrades.
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VIntage Serro Scotty
32. VIntage Serro Scotty  (Jan / Feb 2012)
As a side project, I am doing many repairs to this Scotty, the main of which is replacing the entire ceiling.
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Hybrid Water Damage
33. Hybrid Water Damage  (January 2012)
Looks about the same as the other hybrid a couple albums down.  Stay tuned for more.
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Sold 1967 Shasta
34. Sold 1967 Shasta  (Nov 2011)
Sold to Samaria of Marietta GA.

1967 Shasta with Title.  Brand new tires, & brand new spare.  Battery with battery lights.  110 volt lights, air conditioner, large dorm style refrigerator.  Gas stove which appears to have never been used.  Not a scratch on it.  All exterior lights work.  Interior is a 7 out of 10.  One spot on ceiling the paint is pealing.  Two spots of water damage, one at left rear corner behind couch cushion about 1 foot x 1 foot area & 12 inch long 1/2 wide delamination in front wall, also mostly hidden by seat cushion.  Both these spots are old and trailer does not currently leak.  Trailer comes with microwave and 1960's style canvas canopy with 3 metal poles. It's a 1967 trailer, it's not perfect but worth every penny I'm asking.  If you would like any up-grades or repairs completed, I can do that as I repair r.v.'s for a living.  I bought this as a side project, but I'm too busy for it and need the space.
email to dan@ncrvsolutions.com
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R-Vision Trail Lite Water Damage
35. R-Vision Trail Lite Water Damage  (November 2011)
Unknown leak most likely from right front corner of roof.
The water just layed in the bag and rotted the floor until the top layer cracked and the customer noticed the floor sagging.
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Park Model Quote
36. Park Model Quote  (October 23, 2011)
We were given the job.  We will start sometime after Thanksgiving, more pictures to follow.
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Hybid Water Damage
37. Hybid Water Damage  (October 2011)
Various spots of water damage.
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Toy Hauler Water Damage & Upgrades
38. Toy Hauler Water Damage & Upgrades  (Sept 2011)
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1983 15.5 foot Shasta Friendship
39. 1983 15.5 foot Shasta Friendship  (August 2011)
Sold to William of Apex.
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Shasta 16SC
40. Shasta 16SC   (Spring 2012)
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1965 Holiday Ramblette
41. 1965 Holiday Ramblette  (July 2011)
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Coachman RV Bunk Repair
42. Coachman RV Bunk Repair  (July 2011)
Re-build bunk area after massive water damage.
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Slide Out Water Damage
43. Slide Out Water Damage  (May 2011)
Various pictures of slide out repair.
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Uhaul Camping Trailer
44. Uhaul Camping Trailer  (April 2011)
I've seen pictures of a few of these, but this is the first one I've seen in person.  What a really cool trailer.  It's 100 percent fibreglass like a boat.  There's nothing to rot if it gets wet.  Plus it's super light.
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5th wheel water damage
45. 5th wheel water damage  (April 2011)
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Work Trailer Conversion
46. Work Trailer Conversion  (March / April 2011)
Cargo trailer to tool trailer conversion with living quarters.
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Wilmington Water Repair
47. Wilmington Water Repair  (Mach 2011)
Multiple areas of water damage
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Hybrid repairs
48. Hybrid repairs  (March 1, 2011)
Some water damage repairs.
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Montana 5th Wheel Maintenanace
49. Montana 5th Wheel Maintenanace  (February 18th)
Unscheduled maintenance, rubber roof leak and pulled loose, multiple plumbing leaks, bedroom slide out of adjustment & other misc items
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Shasta 1400 Upgrades
50. Shasta 1400 Upgrades  (Jan. 2011)
This Shasta is here to have a new (straight) axle put on to replace the original drop down axle.  While it is here it will have the propane system replaced, and the new owner will be doing the rest of the renovation herself.
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For Sale 1974 Serro Scotty Highlander
51. For Sale 1974 Serro Scotty Highlander   (Nov 2010)

Sold to Larry in Florida Dec 6th 2010
Thanks for stopping by though.

Humm, where to start.  This baby is one of a kind.  You'd be lucky to find another "Trunk back" online, let alone find one this pristine.
O.k. let's start with the only two things it needs.  The white paint is faded on the front as you can see in the pictures.  On the ceiling inside, there are multiple places where the viynl has come unglued from the ceiling panels. This is something I wanted to get to but haven't had the time.  That and the paint job is why the price is $3400.00 and not $5000.00
Everything else is good.  All new Pex plumbing and new Ariston 4 gallon water heater.  Gas light works, stove works, heater works.  Exterior lights, electric brakes, I mean everything works.
Comes with awning, chocks, spare parts, sewer hose, garden hose, anything you can think of.  This thing is original down to the two sets of original keys.  Try finding that anywhere else.  I have a clear NC Title for it.  Any other questions, email to danhellier@aol.com or call 919 522 6731
$3400.00  Slightly negotiable.

Thanks for looking.
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Prowler, Misc
52. Prowler, Misc  (Oct 15, 2010)
Small amounts of water damage, roof repair, new carpet & linoleum, various minor issues.
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Endeavor Motor Coach Water Damage
53. Endeavor Motor Coach Water Damage  (September 2010)
Water damage to bedroom & bathroom areas at rear of coach.
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Rockwood Pop up
54. Rockwood Pop up  (August 2010)
This trailer is here due to damage to the left wheel well and internal components of trailer after tire blew and parts of it went through the floor, as you will see.
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73 Airstream Upgrades
55. 73 Airstream Upgrades  (August 2010)
Remove and replace all plumbing, misc other work.
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Dana, Water Damage
56. Dana, Water Damage  (June 20, 2010)
Repair roof, fix water damaged floor
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Prowler Floor Damage
57. Prowler Floor Damage  (June 2010)
This floor was completly rotted with water damage.  The trailer was borderline on whether it could be fixed.
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RV Body Damage
58. RV Body Damage  (May 15, 2010)
This RV was hit in the side by a car.  I am doing a cosmetic repair to the affected area.
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Beach Trailer Job 1019
59. Beach Trailer Job 1019  (April 17, 2010)
Water damage, modifications, new floor, various other customer requested items
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1963 Shasta
60. 1963 Shasta   (April 10, 2010)
I just purchased this rare gem.  I have the title for it.  I own a repair / restoration company in Raleigh N.C.
This trailer has been sold to Maria from New York and will undergo a few upgrades....stay tuned.
Please email me at danhellier@aol.com with any questions.
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Job 1014, new floor
61. Job 1014, new floor  (April 2010)
New floor, new powered roof vent, water leak, funance inoperative, circuit breaker issues
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Vintage Trailer Upgrades
62. Vintage Trailer Upgrades  (March 8, 2010)
Multiple customer requested items, new ceiling, general going through of all systems, modify couch, coat roof, etc
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Custom Dinette
63. Custom Dinette  (March 7, 2010)
This was a custom built dinette as seen in the pictures.  I regret that I did not take any pictures of it stained.  I was trying to beat the clock and totally forgot.
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Shasta Restoration
64. Shasta Restoration  (January 27, 2010)
I am helping some folks finish a restoration of this classic Shasta.  I'll be installing a propane system for the stove, a 12 volt system for lights and for the roof vent fan. I'll be installing, all new clearance lights, a sway bar system and a few other things along the way.  Unfortunately this project is getting started a few days late thanks to our snow storm.
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Steve S. Water Damage Job 0932
65. Steve S. Water Damage Job 0932  (December 06, 2009)
Various areas of water damage.
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Blue Moon Job 0931
66. Blue Moon Job 0931  (November 21, 2009)
After two and half years, "The Blue Moon", dubbed that by it's owners, Michelle and Sam, has come back for it's first routine maintenance visit.  For any of you who haven't seen the "Shasta Project", you can see the transformation of this trailer from start to finish by using the pull down menu at the top of the page.  The only issue so far in over two years is a cracked trim piece above the air conditioner.  I'm proud to say that everything else works great.
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0930 1960's Holiday Rambler
67. 0930 1960's Holiday Rambler  (November 2009)
Post buy inspection
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Coachman bunk area repair
68. Coachman bunk area repair  (2008)
This was a repair I did back in 2008 to the cab over bunk area of a Coachman R.V.  The beams were rotted and needed to be replaced, which I re-inforced with metal structure.  Use the pull down menu at the top of the page to switch to other picture albums.
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0926 Water Damaged Ceiling
69. 0926 Water Damaged Ceiling  (October 11, 2009)
Ceiling is water damaged.  During the repair I had a customer offer to buy the trailer as is and finish the job himself, so that's what I did.
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0923 Pop up water damage
70. 0923 Pop up water damage  (9-13-2009)
Water damage to right rear corner.  
Use the pull down menu at the top of the page to look at other picture albums.
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Routine Maintenance 0922
71. Routine Maintenance 0922  (Labor Day Weekend, 2009)
Re-seal roof seams & components.  Re-seal front fibre glass piece to prevent further de-lamination.  Use the little pull down menu at the top of this page to switch to other photo albums.
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0921 Routine Maintenance
72. 0921 Routine Maintenance  (August 29 & 30, 2009)
Routine maintenance on a dog-grooming trailer.
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0919 Water Damage
73. 0919 Water Damage  (8-10-09)
Quoted on 8-10-09
Tentative start date of August 30, 2009
For current & previous projects, use the little pull down menu directly above this box.  For any and all your trailer needs, remember "trick my trailer" www.trickmytrailer.org or www.ncrvsolutions.com
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Job 0917 Water Damage
74. Job 0917 Water Damage  (July 26, 2009)
I went to see this trailer recently and was given the job after my bid.  All the damage you see was caused by the sun dry rotting a 1/2 wide seam of caulk where the rubber roof meets the fibre glass wrap around.  Unfortunately, a 7 dollar tube of caulk, ended up costing thousands. The owner had removed most of the interior then decided to have me finish the project.  Un-fortunately there are no "before pictures", all I have is what you see below.  Please see my other albums by using the pull down menu at the top of the page.  Thanks for stopping by.  Dan Hellier, NC RV Solutions  www.ncrvsolutions.com  www.trickmytrailer.org
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Motorcross Trailer
75. Motorcross Trailer   (June 18, 2009)
Small conversion, add electrical, custom sized shelves, coin mat flooring, misc repairs.  Click the pull down menu at the top of the page for some of our other projects.  Thanks for visiting.
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76. Tioga  (May 16, 2009)
Interior / Exterior repair
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77. Walt   (April 04, 2009)
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Boat Project Sold to Scott June 1, 2009
78. Boat Project Sold to Scott June 1, 2009  (March 2009)
I bought this boat in February 2009 as a project.  It is a 1990 Wellcraft Eclipse 233, 23 feet with a 5.7 Merc.  The engine had recently been replaced and has about 8 or 9 hours on it, and the lower unit had been re-built.  The upholstery was replaced at that time too. The more recent problem was the cabin was carpeted throughout, and after getting wet too many times, the floor needed to be replaced.  As you see below I re-did almost the entire cabin.  I put an on-board 110 volt system for when you have power available.  There is a small de-humidifier in the cabin (110 volt)and a battery jump box that remains on charge. I added two extra 12 volt power sources, and added a work light in the engine compartment.  There is a VHF radio, with weather channel, with dual antennaes. Every switch, light bulb, system, etc works perfect, except for the spedometer reads low. Estimated top speed is 36 to 40 mph.  There is a 5 gallon fresh water tank on board, as well as a self contained potty.  Boat comes with life vests, ropes, anchor, elastic cover, tarp, bimini top, everything you need to go to the lake, including a full tank of gas.  Gas tank is 55 gallons. Trailer is in great shape, all 4 wheels have been removed, bearings cleaned & re-greased. Title is in hand for both the boat & the trailer.  If it's late Saturday & you're having a blast at the lake, and don't want to go home, don't.  Spend the night.  Be the envy of all your ski boat buddies.  Cabin easily sleeps 2, and upper deck sleeps 2. Please contact me if you would like to see the boat.  My email is danhellier@aol.com or call 919-522-6731.  Use the pull down menu above to see some of our other projects, or visit our main site at www.ncrvsolutions.com or www.trickmytrailer.org Thanks for looking.  Dan
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Serro Scotty Project  (Sold)
79. Serro Scotty Project  (Sold)  (Starts Jan 11, 2009)
Welcome to my Sero Scotty Project:  This Highlander, sometimes referred to as a "Trunk Back"  was purchased by me back around Thanksgiving.  If you search the internet, you'll be lucky to find any of these.  There are dozens of the 13 footers, but little or no 18 foot ones.  Unlike most of my previous projects, this trailer is in great shape.  There are no dents except for on the bumper.  The interior is in fair to good shape.  I have all the original cushions and matching curtains.  I run an RV company named NC RV Solutions.  Our web site is at www.ncrvsolutions.com  Please see our web site for previous projects and / or pull down the little tab directly above this.  Please stop by often for updates, and please sign the guest book.   Thanks, Dan & Tami
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80. Toyhauler  (March 10, 2008)
Sold to Rick, February 2009.  To give a quick overview, the trailer, (16 foot) has a bed that folds up, and the bed also folds out into a dinette.  It has a 12000 B.T.U air conditioner, a retractable t.v. antennae with amplifier, hot water tank (6 gal), a 12 volt battery system with battery lights, battery exhaust fan, and battery operated 16 gallon fresh water tank.  It has a 20 gallon holding tank, a refrigerator, microwave, sink, 110 volt track lighting system, industrial style coin mat floor, an awning,toilet, and a few things I added along the way.  Email to danhellier@aol.com or call 919-522-6731 until 9 p.m.
When the trailer was delivered it was 2,675 pounds.  I added 850  pounds to it, bringing it to just 3,500 pounds, with a max weight of 7,000 pounds. It will easily accommodate two Harleys (even one of them being a chopper) or two 4-wheelers. If you haven't already, please stop by NC RV Solutions, home of "Trick My Trailer" at www.trickmytrailer.org (That's DOT ORG )or call 919-522-6731
We are located in Raleigh N.C.
  If you have a trailer you'd like converted or out-fitted, make sure to email me at danhellier@aol.com or find me at www.trickmytrailer.org Phone calls to 919-522-6731 until 9 p.m.
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 Shasta Project
81. Shasta Project  (February 11, 2007)
Sold to "Michelle" as of September 16, 2007

Hello and thanks for stopping by.  All photos are courteousy of NC RV Solutions, or www.ncrvsolutions.com  Even if you're not looking for a total renovation, please contact NC RV Solutions for all your projects.

 A few items to mention, there is a 15 gallon holding tank for the sink.  The toilet is a self contained 2.5 gallon tank with 12v pump.  It drains with a standard RV Hose.  The water heater is 2.5 gallon 110 volt.  The Fridge is a dorm style (brand new 4.4 cu ft Magic Chef, and the airconditioner is brand new 5500 btu with remote. There is also a Micro Wave. The fridge, the water heater, Micro Wave and air conditioner all need 110 volts.  Everything else in the trailer; lights, toilet, exhaust fan etc, is 12 volts.  The 12v battery is brand new.  The tires (3) are brand new. The trailer weighs about 1300 pounds, you need a six cylinder to pull it. Lastly there is a bunk.  It has not been finished until determined whether the new owner will want to leave it folded up or use it for kids.  This or any other modifications within reason are included in the asking price. The asking price also includes everything from the dinner plates to the coffee cups to the marsh mellow sticks.  Everything you need to go to the lake this weekend.  Please refer all emails to danhellier@aol.com.
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82. Personal  (July 31, 2012)
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