"vintage shasta"Serro Scotty Project (Sold)
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Serro Scotty Project (Sold)
Welcome to my Sero Scotty Project:  This Highlander, sometimes referred to as a "Trunk Back"  was purchased by me back around Thanksgiving.  If you search the internet, you'll be lucky to find any of these.  There are dozens of the 13 footers, but little or no 18 foot ones.  Unlike most of my previous projects, this trailer is in great shape.  There are no dents except for on the bumper.  The interior is in fair to good shape.  I have all the original cushions and matching curtains.  I run an RV company named NC RV Solutions.  Our web site is at www.ncrvsolutions.com  Please see our web site for previous projects and / or pull down the little tab directly above this.  Please stop by often for updates, and please sign the guest book.   Thanks, Dan & Tami
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