"vintage shasta"For Sale 1974 Serro Scotty Highlander
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For Sale 1974 Serro Scotty Highlander

Sold to Larry in Florida Dec 6th 2010
Thanks for stopping by though.

Humm, where to start.  This baby is one of a kind.  You'd be lucky to find another "Trunk back" online, let alone find one this pristine.
O.k. let's start with the only two things it needs.  The white paint is faded on the front as you can see in the pictures.  On the ceiling inside, there are multiple places where the viynl has come unglued from the ceiling panels. This is something I wanted to get to but haven't had the time.  That and the paint job is why the price is $3400.00 and not $5000.00
Everything else is good.  All new Pex plumbing and new Ariston 4 gallon water heater.  Gas light works, stove works, heater works.  Exterior lights, electric brakes, I mean everything works.
Comes with awning, chocks, spare parts, sewer hose, garden hose, anything you can think of.  This thing is original down to the two sets of original keys.  Try finding that anywhere else.  I have a clear NC Title for it.  Any other questions, email to danhellier@aol.com or call 919 522 6731
$3400.00  Slightly negotiable.

Thanks for looking.
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