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Please feel free to email us, if you think that one of our pups might fit perfectly into your family. Or if you might like to be added to our Wait List.  Our top priority is to find wonderful, loving forever homes for all of our pups, so please tell us a bit about why you might be interested in them also. 

We do ask that you complete a prospective buyer's application, when considering one of our pups, in an effort to find the best fit for both the new families and the puppies, so I hope you don't mind.... It is part of our screening process.  

Pups are usually sold with a spay/neuter agreement.  Tails have been docked, and dew claws removed, unless requested otherwise as newborns.  First in the series of puppy vaccinations will be given at 6-7 weeks old, we do an extensive de-worming process starting at 2 weeks old, following our veterinarian's recommendations, and of course, those records are given to new families when you get your new puppy as well.  Pups are born in our home, and handled daily.  They will not leave us until they are 8 weeks old.  All parents have been tested with clear results for the dreaded PLL gene and we also furnish you with a complete pedigree as well as the registration paperwork.  We love to stay in contact with you, and always welcome pictures and updates as your puppy continues to grow.    

Feel free to message us, if you might be looking for a future puppy, and we'd be more than happy to add you to our puppy notification list!  Thanks for looking!!!

 We are located in north central Missouri, but we do sometimes travel to other states, when visiting friends and relatives, and/or are sometimes able to make arrangements to drive a bit to meet up with new families for an additional charge.  We also are happy to pup you in contact with some pet transporters, that might be able to help you with transporting your new puppy to you via ground transport.  We are not a fan of airline "shipping" but if you might choose to fly in to pick up your pup, we can sometimes try to meet you at the airport also, so we do have a few options that we'd be happy to discuss with you!  

Our top priority is to find a wonderful, loving forever home for all of our pups!

Happy Puppy Pondering!



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Please complete our application, or give us this information in narrative, when inquiring about our pups.

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Prospective Buyer's Application

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