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Robinsdale Ratties

Welcome to Robinsdale Ratties

 We have a small group of loveable type A rat terriers (toy/mini) and occassionally we have pups available.....to approved homes only. 

All of our dogs have been DNA tested to be sure that they won't be affected by the dreaded PLL. DM, or PRA-PRAD genes ....and to help ensure happy, healthy puppies!

Most of our adults are double or triple  registered.  All are UKCI and some are UKC, and AKC as well....but we typically only furnish UKCI registration on our pups since we only sell to pet homes.

If you think you might be interested in one of our pups, or would like to be added to our puppy notification list, please feel free to contact us at  robinsdaleratties@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting our web site.  

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Current Puppies
1. Current Puppies 



In this folder you will usually find pictures of puppies from our current litter(s)....along with pictures of their parents.

.  All of our dogs are tested and clear of PLL, DM, and PRA-PRCD.  All are UKCI registered and some are also UKC and AKC registered. 

Thanks for visiting us!!




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The Moms
2. The Moms 

Here you will find individual albums for the ladies of the pack, and wonderful moms to our puppies!! 

These girls are NOT for sale!

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The Dads
3. The Dads 

Here you will find individual albums for the guys of the group....and sires to our pups.

These boys are NOT for sale.   

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