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Meet the Fockers

Here are the parents as promised. Henry and Annie.

They are both mini's (of course) from mini parents (of course). These babies will be miniature and beautiful (of course).

Do not think they will be 2 pound dogs that run away from mice... KnD does not do that, as most know. These babies will be 10 to 14 pounds on the outside and 300 pounds on the inside (terriers).

These babies are guaranteed to be clear for PLL, PRA and CDDY. That makes me very proud, and it should be very important to you too.

The only way to secure your baby pick is the reserve a puppy pick with a minimum of $100 deposit.

Reserved picks are as follows.

1st male. Darla P. Tucker Ailey.

1st Female. Donna Sabins.
2nd Female. Tere Michaels.
3rd Female. Available.

If you would like to talk about this baby or just talk Ratties,,Email Us

Date(s): 03/15/20. Album by Ken Jones. 1 - 3 of 3 Total. 253 Visits.
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Henry aka 4Evermore Little Man

Enlarge photo 2
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Annie aka KnD's Ebony Princess

Enlarge photo 3
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See pedigree for these beautiful babies.... clear for EVERYTHING. That excites me and it should be important to you. Happy healthy babies.

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