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NV-4500 Slave Fitting Modification
When installing an NV-4500 Transmission (Dodge Version ) in one of our Power Wagons or WC's, the process is quite straight forward.  However, when you go to plumb the NV-4500 Clutch Slave Cylinder to a Stock Clutch Master Cylinder on the older Dodges, problems arise.  If you bought your slave cylinder from a auto supply parts store, you will find it does not come with the connection fitting.  I have check all over and can not find this fitting.  Dodge sells the Assembly, Slave Master Cylinder and interconnect hose WET, ready to mount and use.  There is no provision to fill the system nor bleed it  I will show you how to make a NV-4500 Clutch Slave work with our older Dodge Clutch MC’s, and explain how to fill and bleed the system.  What I am showing, is tried and proven on my Cummins Carryall with a NV-4500 in over 9000 miles of use.

Since the special fitting that couples the interconnect hose to the slave is not available, you will need to go to a salvage yard and get the interconnect hose from a wrecked truck.  Any truck that uses a Dodge NV-4500 will have the needed interconnect hose.  This hose has the special fittings on each end.  The hose is made from some type of plastic material that is pushed on the barbed ends of the special fittings.  The hose is so tough,  Dodge does not use clamps to secure it to the fitting.  Follow the description of work under each picture and you will not have any problems.
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Enlarge photo 1
This picture shows a stock OEM Dodge Clutch Slave Cylinder with interconnect hose attached.  This hose must be cut off the special fitting on the Slave Cylinder.  DO NOT worry if you nick the barbed surface under the hose, its not a problem.

Enlarge photo 2
Picture 2 shows the hose removed and the barbed portion of the special fitting exposed.  Note at the junction of the special fitting and the slave cylinder, at 12 o’clock is a roll pin.  This pin must be tapped out with a drift.  This releases the fitting and it will then pull out

Enlarge photo 3
Picture 3 shows the pin ready to come out of the slave cylinder.

Enlarge photo 4
This is the fitting you have worked so hard to locate.  Since there is one on  the other end of the hose, you will have a spare for your next NV-4500 project.

Enlarge photo 5
Picture 5 shows the fitting and a  3/16” steel brake line nut.  The nut shown in the picture is a short one.  You can also get a long brake line nut.

Enlarge photo 6
Picture 6.  Take the 3/16” brake line nut and slide it over the barb of the slave cylinder fitting.  If you use a short brake line nut, you will have to cut some off the fitting so it  is recessed in the brake line nut.  If you use a long 3/16” brake line nut you will NOT have to trim the fitting.  Now, with the Barb end of the fitting pushed into the 3/16” brake line nut (threads face out) you silver solder or TIG weld it on.  It MUST be water tight joint.  No leaks allowed or you will loose your clutch hydraulic fluid.  Now, put a new o ring on the fitting, push it into the slave cylinder and  insert the pin to secure it.  You will now need to purchase a piece of 3/16” rubber brake hose to go from the slave to the frame.  This allows for engine vibration so your steel tube will not crack.  Buy a length of 3/16” brake steel tube,  a 3/16” coupler and couple the rubber brake line to the steel brake line.

Enlarge photo 7
Picture 7, shows the Slave Cylinder now mounted on the NV-4500, the new modified fitting, flexible brake line going to the steel line to your Clutch Master Cylinder.  Now all you need to do is fill and bleed the system.   Remove the Slave from the NV-4500, but DO NOT  unhook the hydraulic line.  Let the slave hang down.  From the Slave to the Master Cylinder, you MUST have a UP HILL grade all the way.  Fill the Master Cylinder about ½ full, and just set the cap on the Master Cylinder to prevent shooting oil.  Go under your truck and push in on the slave cylinder piston which is sticking out the front of the slave.  You will push air out and up into the MC reservoir.  Release slowly and it will now suck oil into the line and slave.
Let it sit a minute with the slave always hanging down so air can work out of the line.  Then repeat the above as many times as needed to fully fill the slave and line with hydraulic oil.

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