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American Hairless Terriers

Kalon American Hairless Terriers

The first American Hairless Terrier (AHT) appeared in Louisiana in 1972 & quickly developed a loyal & devoted following.  On January 1, 2004, the AHT achieved full breed recognition by the United Kennel Club (UKC).

AHTs were accepted into AKC-FSS October 2011 & moved into AKC Misc. on January 1, 2014.  AHTs received full recognition by AKC on January 1, 2016 & were moved into the AKC Terrier Group.

The AHT is an intelligent & loving companion that ranges in size from 12" to 16" at the shoulder.   

Many dog lovers with allergies that prevented them from owning a dog have discovered the hairless AHT to be a perfect fit.   The AHT has gained many loyal admirers all over the world & today the breed can be found in Finland, England, the Czech Republic & Japan.

Like other hairless dog breeds, the AHT comes in two varieties (hairless & coated).  However the hairless AHT is unique from all other hairless dog breeds.  The feel of the AHT skin is very different & hard to describe.  Some have called it a suede or micro-fiber feel.  Hairless puppies are born with a light 'birth coat' which they lose by the time they are 8-12 wks old, leaving them completely hairless.  Unlike other hairless breeds, the hairless AHT has a set of normal looking, well-rooted teeth.  The hairless AHT is very unique in the dog world because of these things & because the genetics of the breed is so different from other hairless breeds.  

Kalon is honored to have acquired some wonderful, top quality AHTs & we hope in a small way, we can contribute to this breed's bright future.


FLASH!!  January 2, 2014, UKC GrCH 'PR' Kalon's Starlight Dancer (aka: Vicky) is honored to make breed history as the first AHT to be shown in AKC Misc & the first AHT to win BEST MISC IN SHOW!!  Thanks to our dear friend & Vicky's co-owner, Debbie Zekas-Wolfenbarger for presenting & winning with Ms Vicky!

FLASH!!  Sept. 13, 2014, Kalon makes breed history when UKC CH Kalon's In Black Ink Only at SHK becomes the first coated AHT to achieve an AKC Certificate of Merit!  Congrats to his co-breeder/co-owner/handler, Julianna Brown!

FLASH, FLASH!!  January 1, 2016, KALON makes breed history again!

UKC GrCH 'PR' Kalon's Starlight Dancer, AKC CM is the first AHT to win an AKC Major!

UKC CH 'PR' Kalon's Fast And Furious is the first AHT male to win an AKC Major!  

UKC CH 'PR' Kalon's Fast And Furious is the first AHT to win an AKC BEST OF BREED!!!!!!  He also becomes the first AHT to represent the breed in the AKC Terrier Group!

UKC CH Kalon's In Black Ink Only at SHK, AKC CM is the first coated AHT to win an AKC BEST OF BREED & represent the coated AHT in the AKC Terrier Group!!


For additional information, email me at:  kalons@pacbell.net


Please Note:  All my dogs, including my AHTs are health tested & checked.  While Kalon seldom breeds, when a litter is bred, it's only done to produce the best possible show dogs & maintain bloodlines.

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