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" You can't hit what you can't see."  Walter Johnson

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Baseball Postcards
1. Baseball Postcards 

Featuring outstanding artwork and photography, baseball postcards are rapidly growing in popularity among card collectors.

Collection Highlights: 1909-16 PC758 Max Stein Buck Weaver, 1908 Victor Publishing Company Cy Young SGC 55, 1912 Boston American Tris Speaker, 1913 Pastime Novelty Christy Mathewson SGC 10, C. 1930's Babe Ruth Real Photo Postcard

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Vintage Sports Photographs & Snapshots
2. Vintage Sports Photographs & Snapshots 

From a casual snapshot taken by a fan to an iconic image by a renowned photographer, original photos are being sought by all types of collectors. Similar to collecting fine art, the value can be very subjective depending on age, subject matter, visual appeal, and the photographer.

Collection Highlights: C. 1914-15 Denison Railroaders Cabinet Photograph Including Rogers Hornsby, C. 1920's Frank Baker Type I Photograph, C. 1920's Babe Ruth Snapshot, C. 1930's Babe Ruth (Golfing) Photograph, 1939 Ted Williams "Rookie Era" Photograph, 1944 Joe DiMaggio Snapshot, 1955 Bobby Hull (St. Catharines Teepees) Type I Photograph

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Baseball (Pre-1946)
3. Baseball (Pre-1946) 

• My pre-war baseball collection
• Album includes: Candy Cards, Exhibit Cards, Strip Cards, Tobacco Cards, etc.
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically or numerically by year of issue

Collection Highlights: 1909 E90-1 American Caramel Home Run Baker PSA 3, 1910 E93 Standard Caramel Nap Lajoie PSA 4, 1912 C-46 Chick Gandil PSA 4, 1923 Lections Roger Hornsby PSA 1, 1923 Willard Chocolate Ty Cobb PSA 1

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Baseball (Post-1945)
4. Baseball (Post-1945) 
• My post-war baseball & non-sport collection
• Album includes: Baseball Cards, Postcards, Team Issued Photos, etc.
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically or numerically by year of issue

Collection Highlights: 1947-1966 Exhibits Satchel Paige PSA 4, 1948 Bowman #5 Bob Feller PSA 6, 1949 Leaf Premiums Walter Johnson SGC 40, 1950 Bowman #22 Jackie Robinson PSA 3, 1959 Home Run Derby Harmon Killebrew PSA 2, 1964 Topps Stand-Up Roberto Clemente PSA 7
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5. Basketball 
• My collection of basketball cards & collectibles
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically or numerically by year of issue

Collection Highlights: 1948-49 Exhibits George Mikan SGC 45, 1970 Topps #123 Pete Maravich RC PSA 8, 1972 Comspec Pete Maravich PSA 3, 1974 Topps #196 George Gervin PSA 8, 1978 Topps #130 Julius Erving PSA 8, 1980 Topps Scoring Leader Larry Bird / Julius Erving / Magic Johnson PSA 8, 1986 Fleer #57 Michael Jordan RC BGS 8.5
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6. Hockey 
• My collection of hockey cards & collectibles
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically or numerically by year of issue

Collection Highlights: 1933 Sport Kings #19 Eddie Shore PSA 5, 1952 Parkhurst #87 Ted Lindsay PSA 8, 1953 Parkhurst #24 Maurice Richard PSA 5, 1954 Topps #8 Gordie Howe PSA 8, 1962 Parkhurst #49 Jacques Plante PSA 8, 1969-70 Quebec Remparts Team Issue Guy LaFleur, 1971 Topps #45 Ken Dryden PSA 8, 1978 O-Pee-Chee #115 Mike Bossy PSA 8
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Wayne Gretzky
7. Wayne Gretzky 
Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed "The Great One", is arguably the most famous hockey player of all time (most agree he is the best hockey player of all time). Outside of hockey, Gretzky has become infamous for his inspirational quote: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". Wayne Gretzky set 61 NHL scoring records through his 21 year career.

Collection Highlights: 1978-79 Team Issued Media Photo Indianapolis Racers WHA, 1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky PSA 8, 1983 O-Pee-Chee #29 Wayne Gretzky PSA 10, 1987 O-Pee-Chee #53 Wayne Gretzky PSA 10, 1987 Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds #29 Wayne Gretzky PSA / DNA Certified

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Bobby Orr
8. Bobby Orr 
Bobby Orr was a star when they played the National Anthem in his first game. His display of end-to-end rushes and his mastery on the point changed the way offense was generated (and how defenses would cover them). He was simply the most skilled player the NHL has ever seen.

Collection Highlights: 1966 Topps USA Test #35 Bobby Orr RC PSA 6, 1967 General Mills Hand Cut Bobby Orr (signed), 1972 O-Pee-Chee #58 Bobby Orr PSA 8, 1972 Topps #100 Bobby Orr PSA 9

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Hockey Postcards
9. Hockey Postcards 
Hockey postcards consist of some of the earliest images of legendary players and add diversity to my hockey card collection.

Collection Highlights: 1909 Renfrew Hockey Team (Includes Didier Pitre) SGC A, 1911 Vancouver Lacrosse Club (Includes Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde), 1922-23 Royal Bank Hockey Team (Includes Roy "Shrimp" Worters), 1932-33 Montreal Maroons Team (Includes Lionel Conacher), 1932 Real Photo Postcard Sudbury Wolf Cubs Memorial Cup Winners (Includes Hector "Toe" Blake)

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1936 Triumph Hockey Postcard Set
10. 1936 Triumph Hockey Postcard Set 

This set of ten postcards were available inside copies of "The Triumph" magazine, distributed in Great Britain from January to March 1936. The borderless fronts feature full-length black and white posed action shots and the backs include brief bios of the pictured hockey player. Highlights of this scarce set are the postcards of Hall Of Fame players Lionel Conacher, Harvey "Busher" Jackson, Ivan "Ching" Johnson and Eddie Shore.

Collection Highlights: 1936 Triumph Postcards Roy Worters (18/1/36) PSA 4, 1936 Triumph Postcards Eddie Shore (25/1/36) PSA 4, 1936 Triumph Postcards Nick Metz (15/2/36) PSA 6, 1936 Triumph Postcards Lionel Conacher (22/2/36) PSA 3

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Assorted Sports & Non-Sports
11. Assorted Sports & Non-Sports 
• My assorted sports & non-sports collection
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically or numerically by year of issue

Collection Highlights: 1966 Batman Canada #18 "Robin In Action" 1st Print (Cream Borders) T.C.G. Printed In Canada PSA 7.5, 1985 Hasbro Transformers #97 Megatron (Yellow Background) SGC 10, 1985 O-Pee-Chee WWF #63 Randy Savage / Elizabeth SGC 6.5, 1986 Hasbro G.I. Joe #8 Snake-Eyes SGC 10, 1990 Impel Marvel #37 Wolverine (Patch) SGC 10
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Sk8board Card Collecting Is Not A Crime!
12. Sk8board Card Collecting Is Not A Crime! 
During the late 1980's my friends and I were heavily into skateboarding. To us, it wasn't just a hobby... but a way of life! As a way of reigniting my passion for skateboarding after 30+ years I started researching if any cards were made of the skateboard legends from my youth. Although tough to find, I've found some pieces that fit my collecting goals and have displayed them in this album.

Collection Highlights: 1978 Donruss All-Pro Skateboard #22 Stacy Peralta SGC 7,1983 Lyons Maid Junior Champs Tony Alva SGC 9, 1987 Astroboyz Surfing Mark Gonzales SGC 9, 1987 Overall (Brazil) #34 Skateboard Album Sticker Steve Caballero, 1987 Powell•Peralta Postcard Rodney Mullen, 1988-89 Cromy (Argentina) #106 Skateboard Album Sticker Tony Hawk

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Certified Autographs
13. Certified Autographs  

• Album includes my collection of autographed index cards, postcards & equipment
• Images in this album are displayed alphabetically

Collection Highlights: Aurèle Joliat Signed Index Card (PSA / DNA Certified), Jackie Robinson Signed Index Card (PSA / DNA Certified), George Sisler Signed Index Card (PSA / DNA Certified), Mike Tyson Signed Boxing Glove (Tristar Certified)

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Sports Memorabilia
14. Sports Memorabilia 

• Album includes photos, programs, schedules, tickets & other collectibles
• Images in this album are displayed by year of issue

Collection Highlights: C. 1910 Play Ball Notebook w/ Hal Chase & Frank Chance, C. 1914-15 Denison Railroaders Cabinet (Includes Rogers Hornsby), 1915 "Shoeless" Joe Jackson Stars Of The Diamond School Notebook, 1950 Jackie Robinson Daily Dime Register Bank, C. 1960's Gordie Howe Neilson's Jersey Milk Chocolate Bars Advertising Sign

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1966 G. Sosnak St. Louis Cardinals Ball
15. 1966 G. Sosnak St. Louis Cardinals Ball  
George Sosnak began his career in baseball as an umpire of military games in Germany after the Second World War, later attending umpiring school in Florida where he called balls and strikes at Detroit Tigers Spring Training games. It was around this time that Sosnak began to develop his distinctive folk art style, characterized by charmingly crude figures and painstakingly rendered text and statistics applied with almost mathematical precision.

This hand painted baseball by Sosnak celebrates the 1966 St. Louis Cardinals baseball club with team logo imagery and artwork of the team's biggest star, Bob Gibson. This ball has been signed in pencil by Bob Gibson, Lou Brock, Orlando Cepeda, Red Schoendienst, Curt Flood and many others. Sosnak dedicated this ball to Winn Sosnak on the sweet spot.
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16. Baseballs 

• Album includes my collection of autographed, game used and vintage baseballs
• Baseball images in this album are displayed alphabetically

Collection Highlights: Mickey Mantle Autographed Baseball, Willie Mays Autographed Baseball, 1960's Vintage Signed Baseball (Includes: Bill McKechnie, Bill Mazeroski, George Sisler, Casey Stengel, Pie Traynor, Walter Alston, Al Lopez, Norm Cash, Stan Musial, Leo Durocher, Johnny Keane, Warren Spahn, Luke Appling, Duke Snider, Rocky Colavito & Edd Roush)

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