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"Striving for the perfect combination of a working terrier and a family pet."
By following the navigation above, you will find pictures and information about the dogs of Hurricane Deck.

We focus on the "3 T's" here:
Type: Hurricane Deck focuses on classic Rat Terriers with moderate bone, muscle and outstanding headpieces. We have elegant Toy Fox Terriers with balance, athleticism and character. We breed for the standards, not for fads.
Temperament: Temperament is a priority to us. No matter how pretty of a Terrier it is, if it doesn't display the correct temperament it will not be used for breeding purposes.
Tested: Our dogs are tested in the show ring, in performance events, in the field and for health. We practice what we preach and we do it all!

We are located in the heart of Jackalope country, in the town of Douglas, Wyoming. Douglas is about 4 hours from Denver, Colorado. Visitors are always welcome, and of course encouraged!

You can also find me at several dog shows and performance events in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Texas! Shoot me an email and I can give you our show and performance schedule.

Interested? Contact me at

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