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Miscellaneous vintage jewelry examples will be found here.

We are currently displaying the Trifari orchid reproduction. Keep in mind that the repro has value in its own right. You will notice mine is sold ;)

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Enlarge photo 1
Reproduction Jelly Belly Brooch. Molded lucite petals, gilt leaves with tiny rhinestones on the curls of the leaves and stem. Clear pave stamen with ruby baguettes. This is a very well made reproduction and once you know the differences in construction you will know right off. These are still desirable in their own right.


Enlarge photo 2
Signed with the Crown Trifari mark on the right leaf and a number in at the top leaf that reads: 138652. It is not marked Sterling.

Enlarge photo 3
Genuine Trifari Jelly Belly Orchid. Photo courtesy of Brenda Nurenberg at Vintage Treasures.

The baguette settings are the true indicator. There is also a smaller baguette tucked up in the middle row closest to the pave rhinestones. In the repro there isn't one - it is a small knob of metal. There is a difference in the metal color as well with the fake being a brighter gold color.

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