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Dress & Fur Clips
1. Dress & Fur Clips  (April 25, 2006)

All clips are for sale. Will add more as time permits. Click to visit: Eclectic Vintage for more information.

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Kenneth Lane Jewelry, KJL, K.J.L.
2. Kenneth Lane Jewelry, KJL, K.J.L. 

Please note that it is not feasible to offer appraisals or information on your pieces.

The Kenneth Lane jewelry featured in this gallery comes from a closed up jewelry store and has never been worn. We have more yet to add so please check back often.

e-mail here to place an order.
You will also find some of these on our site at Eclectic Vintage

For the most part and as best determined by what we currently know today, listed below is the timeline for circa dates of the various signatures used.

1. 1960-1970's (and possibly later) signed Kenneth © Lane (centered copyright symbol)
2. 1960's-1970's signed K.J.L. (possibly later and note the periods)
3. 1970's-1980's signed Kenneth Jay Lane
4. 1980's-early 2000's - Signed Kenneth ©Lane (note placement of copyright symbol)
5. 1990's-today signed ©KJL (note NO periods) This mark is used on the made for QVC.
6. 1980's - 2004 signed K.J.L. for Avon. Note: the 80's and 90's are all signed K.J.L. for Avon. Some of the most recent K.J.L. (from 2000 on) for Avon is NOT signed K.J.L. for Avon - but just KJL. Only the box that it came in has the Avon name and address on it.
7. Approximately 2000 - ©KJL Thailand or ©KJL China

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DeLizza & Elster Jewelry  (aka Juliana)
3. DeLizza & Elster Jewelry  (aka Juliana) 

In this album you will find a few examples of verified DeLizza & Elster designs, as well as those that are "Juliana" jewelry (tagged Juliana). One important factor we have learned is that Frank DeLizza prefers that we term his glitz jewelry as "DeLizza & Elster" unless it was from his tagged Juliana company that was in operation from from 1967-1968.

Some of these items are for sale at my web site - click here to view our D&E gallery:
Eclectic Vintage - Costume Jewelry & Collectibles

Learn more about DeLizza & Elster jewelry. Click here:
Vintage Jewelry Resource Site provided by Eclectic Vintage, an all inclusive informational site for collectible vintage jewelry, popular designers, care & cleaning, how to identify, patents, links to quality dealers & their specialties, learn about fakes/repros and much more!

NOTE: All photos are the exclusive property of Jan Gaughan except where noted.

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Jewelry Examples at Eclectic Vintage
4. Jewelry Examples at Eclectic Vintage  (May 4, 2005)

These examples of jewelry are for sale and are also used for discussion.

If no price is listed here yet please inquire via e-mail.

Inquire here: e-mail Eclectic Vintage

For more quality jewelry, antiques and collectibles visit us here: Eclectic Vintage

Free US & Canada shipping on jewelry.

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Wine Cork Wreaths & Grape Themed Jewelry
5. Wine Cork Wreaths & Grape Themed Jewelry  (February 12, 2005)

For Sale: Custom made Wine Cork Wreaths by Eclectic Vintage
A great way to display your collection!

To order a wreath please e-mail

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Forbidden Fruit Lucite Jewelry-Austria
6. Forbidden Fruit Lucite Jewelry-Austria  (February 12, 2005)

Desirable Forbidden Fruit lucite jewelry with embedded rhinestones.
Made in Austria in the late 1940's - early 1950's
Characteristics of "Forbidden Fruit" jewelry is that they are either made of an opaque lucite or a translucent lucite of some color (but can also be clear) with embedded rhinestones. An example of coloring is the lemon which is a translucent yellow lucite with embedded yellow rhinestones. Forbidden Fruit typically has some sort of metal incorporated into the piece like the enamel painted leaves on the fruits, or the body of the butterfly, the bee on the bee hive, the stem of the mushroom, the husk on the corn, the radish tops, the eggplant leaf, etc. One piece that doesn't have metal is the watermelon. They were Austrian made and were most likely produced in the late 1940's early 1950's. In Harrice Miller's Official Price Guide to Costume Jewelry (Third Edition) page 76-77 it states they were made in the 1930's but most feel they were made later. My understanding is that the original cards that the pieces were sold on were labeled Forbidden Fruit so this name has been generally used for all the Austrian lucite embedded rhinestone pieces - not just the fruit pieces.

Several of my pieces were featured in Ann Pitman's Volume 3 Inside the Jewelry Box on pages 7-12.

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Jewelry From the Sea
7. Jewelry From the Sea  (February 12, 2005)

~~~~~Jewelry From the Sea~~~~~

Click here to visit: Eclectic Vintage for availabilty
or send an inquiry via e-mail if you do not see any of these listed on my site. Some of these pieces are from my private collection. Be sure to inquire.

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Fabulous Florenza!
8. Fabulous Florenza! 

Dear jewelry friends, in this album you'll find a varied presentation of Florenza styles. I have many more and hope to add them as time permits.

You can also view our extensive collection in gallery format (there are several pages) for items that are FOR SALE at my web site. Eclectic Vintage

HISTORY of Florenza

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Fabulous Florenza Cameos
9. Fabulous Florenza Cameos 

Many of these can be purchased at my site: Eclectic Vintage - Costume Jewelry & Collectibles
Please e-mail me from my web site if you do not find a particular piece - it may still be in unlisted inventory.

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Pansy Jewlery
10. Pansy Jewlery  (June 28, 2005)

The pansy gets its name from the French word pensée meaning "thought". It was so named because the flower resembles a human face and in August it nods forward as if deep in thought.

Because of this lovely flower's special meaning, our web site logo was created using a Victorian calling card with pansies.

Private Collection - Not for Sale. Click to visit: Eclectic Vintage
Will add more pics as time permits

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Vintage Jewelry Advertising
11. Vintage Jewelry Advertising  (June 22, 2005)

Identify and date your jewelry with Vintage Advertising.

Contributors of Vintage Jewelry Ads:

Rosie "justabunchawildflowers"
Bobye Syverson - Enchanted Castle
Above & Beyond Vintage Jewelry
Eclectic Vintage - Costume Jewelry & Collectibles
My friend Larry Kasoff of Florenza Jewelry


If you have vintage jewelry ads you would like to contribute
please e-mail me from my web site. Thanks! Jan at Eclectic Vintage

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Jewelcollect Jewelry Sites & Auctions
12. Jewelcollect Jewelry Sites & Auctions 
Visit JC Members Web Sites & Auctions For Jewelry... Antique, Vintage, Estate, Collectible Contemporary, Artisans, Supplies & Repairs.

Some members use the letters JC at the end of their auction titles
to identify them as a Jewelcollect Member.
DISCLAIMER: Not ALL auction titles with letters JC are Jewelcollect Members.

Click Here to learn about and JOIN Jewelcollect

If you have not linked back to this album your picture will remain
but all of your links and Auction Seller ID's will be removed.

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13. Examples 

Miscellaneous vintage jewelry examples will be found here.

We are currently displaying the Trifari orchid reproduction. Keep in mind that the repro has value in its own right. You will notice mine is sold ;)

Click below to visit:

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