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FL-USAR-TF4 AAR Surfside Collapse
The CFFCA hosted the FL-USAR-TASK FORCE 4 TEAM for a 3-hour presentation of their After-Action Report on operational overview and lessons learned on the Surfside Condo Collapse.

Sixty-seven [67] chief officers from throughout the Central Florida area were present at this very informative AAR overview. The presentation speakers were District Chief Walter Lewis [OFD] and Retired Fire Chief Dave Downey [Statewide Deputy Coordinator SERP].

Key Topics of Discussion consisted of Initial OPS Considerations, Sustaining Long-Term Events, What Can the FL-USAR System Do?, and How Fire Chiefs Can Make the Difference?
Date(s): March 24th, 2022. Album by Central FL Fire Chiefs' Association. Photos by Bruno. 1 - 28 of 28 Total. 0 Visits.
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