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Piggebago Road Trip!
The Guinea Pigs-A-Go-Go Rescue Railroad Trip
Jackie, Becky, Sophie, and Oreo (faithful companion) set off across the country on Monday, August 5th. The album starts the Sunday evening, prior to the trip, with final preparations. They returned safe and sound Friday at 5:30pm on August 16th. An 11-day, 5700-mile trip! One pig was brought back from the mid-west to go to Vancouver, Canada. One pig got mixed up and didn't make his destination and so will be finding a great new home in the Bay Area after touring the States!

Date(s): August 4, 2002. 31 - 45 of 214 Total. 6168 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 31
Application and photos.
A copy of the
entire "Adoptables Album" was cut up into individual pigs.  Then we stapled the pigs onto the applicant they were going to.  Actually worked quite well!  These lucky pigs were on their way to Rachel in WI.

Enlarge photo 32
Organized chaos!

Enlarge photo 33
Not so organized chaos!

Enlarge photo 34
Becky and Kara's leg

Enlarge photo 35
LOTS of Lixit water bottles!
At one point in the evening, Jim was using a Lixit water bottle for HIS water.  Funny thing is... none of us even gave it a second thought!

Enlarge photo 36
Kara, Becky and Jim
We were all busy doing "something!"  Notice the push pin smile face on the cork board!

Enlarge photo 37
"She's getting WHAT pigs!?

Enlarge photo 38
Becky in the "bathroom" area
We even had cages built into the shower of the RV.

Enlarge photo 39
Pink piggie ear

Enlarge photo 40
An RV with a view

Enlarge photo 41
Meanwhile, back at the barn...

Enlarge photo 42
Custom made tub cages
Jim and Bob fashioned these tubs into temporary cages for the pigs on their way to Rover.

Enlarge photo 43
The "medical" table
This is where all the pigs received their Ivermectin, Advantage and other medical treatment.

Enlarge photo 44
Moving into Rover

Enlarge photo 45
A bowl for every cage!
Bob made the official announcement that there was no more "crockery!"

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