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Piggebago Road Trip!
The Guinea Pigs-A-Go-Go Rescue Railroad Trip
Jackie, Becky, Sophie, and Oreo (faithful companion) set off across the country on Monday, August 5th. The album starts the Sunday evening, prior to the trip, with final preparations. They returned safe and sound Friday at 5:30pm on August 16th. An 11-day, 5700-mile trip! One pig was brought back from the mid-west to go to Vancouver, Canada. One pig got mixed up and didn't make his destination and so will be finding a great new home in the Bay Area after touring the States!

Date(s): August 4, 2002. 1 - 15 of 214 Total. 6202 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Sunday, Aug 4th
Darkness is approaching, we are all very busy. Finally took a minute to grab a camera and get some candids.

Enlarge photo 2
Seems peaceful
Looking down the back lot. The Animal Control vehicles are all in, the piggie barn at the end seems quiet.

Enlarge photo 3
A look out the RV door
Just some local scenery. The bay breeze is what keeps us cool at PHS -- MOST of the time.

Enlarge photo 4
A look in . . .
Becky is busy making arrangements in the RV. It's parked against the fence with difficult door access--in part to keep folks from poking in.

Enlarge photo 5
Make preparations
Becky and Leah, busy prepping the RV for the tomorrows bon voyage!

Enlarge photo 6
Leah checks out the cages

Enlarge photo 7
Jim in the back, working on cages, the mess is up front!

Enlarge photo 8
Hi from Jim, he noticed the flash!

Enlarge photo 9
Bob and Jim
They took control of getting the cages travel ready!

Enlarge photo 10
The inside scenery!
Pigs get settled in. The pigs were loaded and spent the night in the RV so we didn't have to deal with that in the morning. A number of squabbles had to be sorted out.

Enlarge photo 11
A pigger peaks out!
Hey! Let me outa here!

Enlarge photo 12
The cages
These cages were all custom outfitted with Coroplast. The entire Coroplast production line were some photos worth taking that we didn't have the time to get!

Enlarge photo 13
More special cages
This is how the piggies traveled.

Enlarge photo 14
Top deck
More piggies on top, too.

Enlarge photo 15
Out the front
As parked in the back.

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