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On Chrismas Day, as a family was gathered in their livingroom, they saw a large hawk come swooping in and land in the middle of their lawn. It had a white ball of fur that was "wheek, wheek, wheeking." It dropped the guinea pig which ran scurrying for the bushes. They ran out and with the help of friends managed to capture the terrified guinea pig. The hawk flew up to the fence and waited and watched for over an hour. Robbed of his Christmas Day dinner, the hawk finally flew away frustrated and hungry.

Normally, hawks make the killing strike with their back talon through the internal organs of their prey. This may have a been a younger hawk with less experience.
Date(s): December 31, 2004. Album by Teresa@CavySpirit.com. 1 - 20 of 20 Total. 13991 Visits.
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"That is amazing it is still alive"
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"He is such a sweetheart! I want him ..."
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Enlarge photo 8
"Lucky is beautiful (handsome?) and l..."
"Such a cute piggie. God bless the s..."
"i am so glad that it yhas a happy li..."
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New digs for the boys. Free range with always open cage. So basically a triple-decker...
"Don't they poop and pee all over you..."
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"where do you buy these cages from?"
"you can get the supplies from e-bay,..."
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Storm and Lucky. Lucky now lives with Storm, Romeo, and Trouble.

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Storm and Lucky at lap time.
"Soo cute"
"They were meant to be together!!! S..."
"Awwwww they are SOOOOOOO cute^.^"
"that is so cute the other one looks ..."
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I have been waiting and watching the cages in the small animals agriculture room next to the art room where I teach.  I was fascinated by the pregnant guinea pigs, and was checking daily on the progress.  I asked the teacher if he knew anything about the genetics, terms, why some are smooth, some "angora-like".  Anyway I started looking for answers to my questions online.  One of my saddest childhood memories (11 years old?) is finding my "Snowball" who looked just like Lucky gone one morning.  We had our guinea pigs in an outdoor pen with a huge wood box that my Dad must have made for us.  It had a door that would open and close to allow them freedom to run in and out.  To this day, I am not sure what happened.  My memory of the facts is blank.  Did I leave them out?  My dad said an owl must have got them at night.  Or maybe a fox.   Your story brought tears to my eyes.  I was thinking about adopting or at least caring for one for the summer.  I hope they do go to good homes.  I enjoyed your site.
Jeanne, Mon, 21 Apr 2008 5:16AM
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