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Hollister Story Unfolds
Hollister Guinea Pig Rescue

This album is a chronological unfolding as the pigs were moved from Hollister and the Peninsula Humane Society. The names are withheld to protect the innocent?
Date(s): July 15, 2002. 1 - 15 of 130 Total. 9904 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Hollister Shelter
This is where they were at the Hollister Shelter. The 6 cages to the left were rooster cages. Other cages were stacked and piled in the gated locker and covered with a plastic tarp. Hollister in the heat wave we were having at the time caused heat exhaustion in some of the workers. 100+ degrees F.

Enlarge photo 2
The Peninsula Humane Society
This is the space we have to work with. It's fondly referred to as the barn. It's really more like storage for a few hay bales, a small, walk-in closet for more storage, a couple of small chicken coops (small closet size) and a patio area with screening around it to block some sun.

PHS cleaned out the hay storage area for us to make it more livable. But we still have cages stacked to the gills. It makes it very cumbersome to clean and feed the piggers. But, it's cool and dry and yet warm at night and secure. So we are definitely working with what we have!

There is about a 30 degree difference in temperature. Much cooler. It's right next to the bay. The wind surfers park within a two minute walk!

"The four doors on the left are where..."
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Enlarge photo 3
First group of pigs arrive
There were two groups of pigs that arrived the first afternoon. Volunteers went to Hollister and drove them the 1 and 1/2 hours up to San Mateo.

Enlarge photo 4
Cage building begins
We made two 2x6 grid C&C cages for the main 'barn' area.

Enlarge photo 5
Grids are snapped together
Another sheet of black Coroplast stands by.

Enlarge photo 6
First cage installed

Enlarge photo 7
Another view of first cage

Enlarge photo 8
Bedding added

Enlarge photo 9
Grids added for 2nd cage
"I used live near this area and have ..."
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Enlarge photo 10
Coroplast dropped in

Enlarge photo 11
Whoops. Cut the extra off.

Enlarge photo 12
Starting to outfit the cages
Food bowls to start.
"I also use c&c cages and my cavy lov..."
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Enlarge photo 13
Dividers added
Using cable ties.

Enlarge photo 14
More cage work

Enlarge photo 15
C&C cages in place
"those gp are very very lucky to live..."
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