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Dirty Cages
How to NOT to take care of your guinea pigs
Date(s): October 18, 2003. Album by Teresa@CavySpirit.com. 1 - 9 of 9 Total. 16384 Visits.
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This series of photos is from a 'return' of guinea pigs adopted out to a nice, well-to-do family with 3 kids. The oldest was 10. She was the one apparently 'cleaning' the cage. Despite hearing multiple times from me during the adoption process that kids WILL NOT take care of the guinea pigs over time, that it is the PARENTS RESPONSIBILITY, THIS is how a cage and a pair of adult females was returned to me in October 2003 from an adoption in May 2002.
"I hope you gave this childs mother a..."
"Well, I'm almost 13, and I've been t..."
"they should learn how to take care o..."
"im only 11 and im taking care of my ..."
"I am 11 and have had 6 guinea pigs t..."
"This is just disgusting. I'm twelve,..."
"I didn't even think this was a thing..."
"i'm eleven and i have kept piggies f..."
"Im only 9 i can't clean out the cgae..."
"this is just disgusting. how did the..."
"Ewww,I'm ELEVEN and I clean the cage..."
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Enlarge photo 2
There is NO EXCUSE -- other than abuse and neglect -- for a cage to EVER be in this condition. I have been using C&C cages 5 years and everyone of them looks as clean and new as the day they were first made. This is disgusting.
"Its sooo disgusting! Yuck!"
"that is big time animal curalty"
"I agree 100%!!! I want to put toget..."
"Ewwww i think im gonna puke!"
"It is just sad how a cage can be all..."
"I was actually having a problem simi..."
"that is so sad because they cant go ..."
"this is gross and they keep piggies ..."
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Enlarge photo 3
This cage WAS NOT in the kid's bedroom. Thank God for small favors. It surely would have been even worse. The conditions of this return just underscore all of the statements put forth on my page about why we do not allow cages to be in a child's bedroom. It's a condition of adoption from Cavy Spirit (Bedroom Policy).

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One Corner
"Ugh. That's just... there is NO expl..."
"I agree with amanda that is so sick ..."
"That's just revolting. I hope the gu..."
"No no no no no no nooooooo! Thats ju..."
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Another Corner

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Enlarge photo 7
"goodness gracious! how long would th..."
"I think im gonna be sick."
"that pooor piggyy I would escape fas..."
"What kind of cruel person would do s..."
"OMG who ever that person was to keep..."
"What is that?Maggots???I do NOT see ..."
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One end
"One word: BARF!!!"
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