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Cavy Spirit - Favorite Photos
Cavy Spirit is a Guinea Pig Rescue and Adoption home. We take in abandoned guinea pigs and place them, healthy and happy, in high quality, permanent homes. We focus on education and public awareness of the proper respect and care that these and all animals deserve. We are committed to breaking the chain of neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

These are some of our Favorite Photos. Please feel free to comment and make nominate candidates for the Favorite Photos Gallery!
Date(s): March 6, 2002. Album by 1 - 41 of 41 Total. 1310 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Little Lamb
Adopted. He is from the Hollister rescue. Featured on Ken's Cavy Cam.
"this poodle has great hair and is ve..."
"so sweet and innocent!!"
"Ive never seen guinea pig hair quite..."
"what a cute little one!"
"he's the cutest piggy i have ever se..."
"OOOHHH!!!he is ADORABLE!! I want to ..."
"AwWwWwWWW!!!!!!!!! HOW CUUUUTE!!!!!!..."
"Absolutely adorable!"
"Like I already said, Absolutely Ador..."
"I think his name fits him perfectly!..."
"This is the most unique and beautifu..."
"I would name her C.B.!"
"we've decided that she should call h..."
"Did Little Lamb die or get sold?"
"Never mind I already heard."
"Can you tell me what kind of Cavy Li..."
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Enlarge photo 2
Andi Pandi
"Can I ever get some pictures like th..."
"if anyone wants to donate pictures e..."
"Can this little one be any cuter?!"
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Enlarge photo 3
Betty's Babies
Two are adopted. The one on the right, Phoenix, didn't survive. His story is on this page: In Memory
"I think that your babie's are so cut..."
"Poor Phoenix!He looks so small!!!"
"they are very cute"
"I want to have sex with u."
"I also want to have sex with the ado..."
"in case your also wondering like bea..."
"ROFL you are gross.!"
"ROFL, you are totally grossing us ou..."
"poor phoeix! i wish animals didn't h..."
"Poor Phoenix, it is really sad what ..."
"oops. my bad. i spelled his name wro..."
"aaawwwwwwwwww, i love little pheonix..."
"these guinea pigs taste great"
"ROFL why would u say that? thats sic..."
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Enlarge photo 4
Barney and Muffin
How cute are they? Adopted from Cavy Spirit.
"Very pretty pigs."
"My best friends"
"these are the sweetest little piggie..."
"they are so cutie"
"These are the cutest little things I..."
"wow!! how cute!! if you have any of ..."
"My guinea pig died on July 18th 2005..."
"They are to cute!"
"those are so cute together"
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Enlarge photo 5
Monterey Piggies
From the big Monterey rescue.
"My good theres alot how do you tell ..."
"Hi,do you have any piggies for adopt..."
"I love guinea pigs so I love them to..."
"so many cavies... :( it is so sad"
"They are so cute! Are any up for ado..."
"herd of piggies!!!!!!!!!!"
"I want one!!!"
"god bless you for all that you do fo..."
"Oh my goodness! This definatly is NO..."
"someone was busy"
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Enlarge photo 6
"Ooh, very cute."
"he so danty!cute cute cute!"
"awwwwww!! i need this lil fellow's p..."
"This adorable little guy looks like ..."
"hes beutiful i could eat him up and ..."
"He's so cute!"
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Enlarge photo 7
He was one of our very favorite pigs. Adopted.
"how cute what ever it is its a fit f..."
"awwwwww!! this cavy would have a gre..."
"So much personality!"
"so cute"
"I LOVE MOCHA!!!! i just fell in lov..."
"Mocha is my dogs name!"
"His fur is very yellow looking like ..."
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Enlarge photo 8
Monterey Piggie
"it looks like a sweet baby from heav..."
"This little guy looks like hes ready..."
"AwWwWwWwW i agree Lisa!"
"SOOOOOOOO CUTE, i wanna eat him up, ..."
"Oh can I please adopt him if you're ..."
"Easter piggy will you come to my hou..."
"yeah i am also in victoria and i wnt..."
"i meant want**"
"wow that is SO cute! i love guinea p..."
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Enlarge photo 9
"this guy is our fave"
"my lile piggie female, peek-a-boo lo..."
"awwwwww!! this lil fellow would have..."
"e-mail me if you have any piggy pict..."
"She looks EXACTLY like my GuineaPig ..."
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Enlarge photo 10
"Very cute. Nice fur!"
"OMG!! that is one of the cutest pigs..."
"Is Sheila adopted as the picture say..."
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Enlarge photo 11
Adopted. Although it looks like she's standing up, she's actually resting on my legs (black pants) in my lap.
"Hes a sweet heart!!!!!!"
"This is so PRECIOUS!!!"
"that is so CUTE!!!! this lil girl wo..."
"That's the cutest thing in the world..."
"I want a piggy for my birthday and t..."
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Enlarge photo 12
"I have this guinea pigs. I bought it..."
"This lookes like my hair on a hot,hu..."
"Sweet hair-do!"
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Enlarge photo 13
Mocha at Chistmas
"that's what i want for christmas!!!"
"oh my god"
"Hey maybe hes the one that stomps on..."
"awwwwww!! this lil fellow would have..."
"He looks just like my Squeaky (who h..."
"I want YOU to stop on my rooftop Chr..."
"cute hat Santa"
"My christmas present!"
"hahahahahahaha!Santa pig!"
"Santa piggy I want a X-box for chris..."
"It's cute!"
"I think I've just seen the cutest pi..."
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Enlarge photo 14
"He has such nice fur, It looks like ..."
"i wish he was mine"
"what a sweety!"
"it looks like mine"
"looks just like mine-maybe they're t..."
"Sweetie pie!"
"he is lovely he has such lovely colo..."
"Our pig Acorn died last night. We ha..."
"he is the best i ever seen yet"
"It looks like my kitty cat."
"get a life"
"I could eat him up he looks so cuddl..."
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Enlarge photo 15
He died here, at the rescue. He was one of our most favorite piggies.
"a face you couldn't say "no&quo..."
"I'm going to cry"
"my guinea looks just like him exept ..."
"What a cutie...how can you not love ..."
"It's sad that Bullwinkle is gone fro..."
"Bullwinkle is in a better place now...."
"He died!??!?!?! :( my pig died 2"
"He looks like he had a good heart. I..."
"Too sad...(crying)"
"Ohhh, that is SO sad that he had to ..."
"poor thing, how sad=["
"What an angel! he looks so sweet it ..."
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Enlarge photo 16
Little Lucy and Gang
Lucy (inside hutch) and Little Lucy (on top of hutch) are still here.
"awwwwww!! these cavies would have a ..."
"Piggle Wiggles!"
"are they mating. it's getting hot in..."
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Enlarge photo 17
"I think her name fits her perfectlt!"
"WOW!! that looks like my Guinea Pig ..."
"you can see caramel at http://www.fr..."
"What an angel! Whoever adopted her s..."
"i agree with lindsey"
"my guinea pigloves angel"
"Picture Perfect Pig!"
"Is she like an angel too?"
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Enlarge photo 18
Honey Bun
"nosy pig"
"What a beautiful color!"
"That is the most beautiful guinea pi..."
"Big nose, cutie!"
"OMG that is the most uniquepig i evr..."
"o and also it a very rare color, cut..."
"sexy bod"
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Enlarge photo 19
Adopted. One of our favorites.
"what a cuttie!"
"He looks so surprised by the camera"
"looks like neo lol"
"cute lil orange piggle"
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Enlarge photo 20
"so cute!!!"
"awwwwww!! this piglet would have a g..."
"looket that lil nosey!"
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Enlarge photo 21
Mother Cat and Kitten
Not a cavy, but we love this photo!!
"What a precious picture!!!"
"Awwwwww it looks like their hugging!"
"eeeeeeeeewww! not a guinea pig~..."
"Chrissy(right)... Squiker is that yo..."
"ASHLEY you are STUPID!!!!! it may no..."
"so i hate cats too they just kill bi..."
"whats up with you people and guinea ..."
"You are obbsessed with guinea pigs..."
"shut up sexy you are probly not sexy..."
"shut up and get off this site if you..."
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Enlarge photo 22
Our first ever guinea pig. She is waiting for us over the Rainbow Bridge.
"Hes not a Bless hes a BLESSING!!!!!"
"What a peaceful, sweet face. She lo..."
"now THAT looks like my guinea"
"Your right, he is a babe!"
"Look at how perfect he looks! He is ..."
"I love her. I 'm sure she's romping ..."
"Poor baby, i hate when pigs die, i w..."
"Awww how cuteeee! i want one so bad!..."
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Enlarge photo 23
Ellie and Taffy
Adopted. Taffy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and is sorely missed. This is Kara's son and sweet piggie she adopted from Cavy Spirit.
"They look so much alike!"
"She's a cutie! A self-white like my ..."
"Cute lil pig, why does every good pi..."
"soooo cute!"
"The kid is just plain scary, but the..."
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Enlarge photo 24
Bouba (who we used to call Chubba) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge (3/6/02). He was one super special guinea pig and was treated like a king by his last cavy slave mom. She even pealed grapes for him! He will be sorely missed and never forgotten.
"Love ya little dude!"
"Poor baby!"
"getting a little to close"
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Enlarge photo 25
"Chumley is adorable! Looks like he's..."
"Thoughts of romaine, parsely, and hi..."
"what a cute piggy!!! this cavy would..."
"That is identical to my piggy... alw..."
"Cutie pie pig!"
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Enlarge photo 26
Still here.
"aWwWwWwWwWwW!!! what a cute piggy!!!..."
"Acorn moved in with us April '03. H..."
""two words" the cutest"
"Why would that cutie not be adopted?"
"I must sadly say that Acorn passed a..."
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Enlarge photo 27
"I love the little spike on his/her r..."
"COOL PIG!! that is the coolest cavy!..."
"I know why u got ur name!"
"omg, is he/her really green, or is i..."
"WOW!!! I love his stylish spikes! He..."
"bad hair day?"
"Haha. Cute name."
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Enlarge photo 28
Buddy catching Zzzzzzzzzz's. Our most favorite guinea pig. He ruled the pigs at Cavy Spirit. He has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.
"That is one relaxed pig! Too funny! ..."
"This is a pic fit for Seagull's &quo..."
"she looks ssssssoooooooooooooooooooo..."
"Is she dead in this picture? p..."
"is it dead"
"I'm so sorry that he went to the Rai..."
"This is so sad. Rest in peace, littl..."
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Enlarge photo 29
Buddy with Hay
Buddy chowing down on hay.
"what a cutie!!!!!"
"what a cute piggy!!! this cavy would..."
"eating, my favorite hobby!"
"we are looking to adopt a guinea pig..."
"I recognize Buddy from the pics on y..."
"What a cutie, and look at those eyes..."
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Enlarge photo 30
Thelma and Darlin'
Do they look like a pair, or what? Darlin has torticullus and Thelma had special needs, too. Both adopted. Thelma has since passed away.
"She's probably showing us her beauti..."
"this one is so so so so so so so so ..."
"awesome pigs! i know what you mean J..."
"I love her teeth!"
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Enlarge photo 31
Hollister rescue: Bob and Jackie
Bob and Jackie admiring one laid-back sow. A photo that sums up the spirit of the Hollister rescue. This was taken when we had to spend all weekend for several weekends in a row processing guinea pigs.
"sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute ..."
"He is holding the pig wrong!"
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Enlarge photo 32
Erin's Snowball
Erin's photo album.
"omg! that is so so so.... CUTE"
"What a cute little cotton ball!"
"hair is toooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!"
"Dust ball!"
"Sooooooooo sweet!! She/he's adorable..."
"Cute! it looks like something I woul..."
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Enlarge photo 33
Little Lamb
with the poodle look
"so cute! reminds me of this old woma..."
"adorable! i just have to do that to ..."
"Its a little puppy piggie! CUTE!!"
"What is that a dog? XD"
"no it is a guinea pig"
"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's soooooooooo..."
"Work that smile! The name does not f..."
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Enlarge photo 34
Adopted. Stowaway made the Hollister Guinea-Pig-A-Go-Go trip all the way from SF to Ohio and back. He was the victim of a piggie mixup on adoptions.  This shot is during the welcome home party at the Peninsula Humane Society. Can you find the real piggie? He was adopted and is now featured on Ken's Cavy Cam.
"I L O V E the coloring on this GP!!"
"she blends in perfectly"
"she lovely"
""I'd like to give these two yel..."
"Will the real piggie please say Whee..."
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Enlarge photo 35
One of the Hollister babies that was adopted out to a great home. She is about 6 months old here.
"so cute! love how shes relaxing... g..."
"It looks life my friends dog! SOOO ..."
"Nice look."
"love the black face and mohawk. he l..."
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Enlarge photo 36
Piggie Poo Cheese Cake
Compliments of Linda (Zoe) at a pig party. Yum, yum.
"mmmmm LoL"
"the droppings were a nice touch, I k..."
"That is my next birthday cake!"
"EWWWWW! r those real droppings?! i h..."
"I think the droppings were a nice tr..."
"I got to eat piggie poos by accident..."
"so cool!"
"Um, I hope those poos are just choco..."
"Gross! This is not funny at all! Cre..."
"someone should really tell us if tha..."
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Enlarge photo 37
That's me
Asleep at the trough
"How Cute!!!"
"he's adorable, even though he's not ..."
"awwwww how adorable!"
"perhaps a "piggy" in his own right!"
"He looks like my kitten..."
"are you calling me fat"
"That is the cutest picture i think i..."
"The cat is SO cute! But what's his p..."
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Enlarge photo 38
Young male at 3 weeks old. Adopted.
"what a cute piggy!!! this cavy would..."
"wild hair due I like it!"
"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! So cute!"
"Looks very independant! I love him!"
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Enlarge photo 39
Santa Buddy
Does this photo need any words?
"thats so cute i wish my pigs would d..."
"Dear Santa... QTPIE!!!"
"luv that piggie!!!!!!!"
"Now Only if I could get my cat to do..."
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Enlarge photo 40
Farm Animals of Guinea
from this artist:


"very strange...i like it!"
"Although I dont enjoy that picture, ..."
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Enlarge photo 41
christmas card
"very well done."
"how sweeeet i luv it wonder if i sta..."
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