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Cavy Cages - Open Cube & Coroplast Cages
Cavy Cages is a Guinea Pig Cages website providing information on proper guinea pig cages and sizes. Before you buy a cage, check out this website. The Cubes and Coroplast design is superior in many ways.
This album includes examples of open cages made from cubes and Coroplast.
Date(s): September 21, 2001. 1 - 11 of 32 Total. 65582 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Barney & Muffin's Condo
"hey where did u get that stuff from"
"where did u get that stuff from!?!?"
"About how much this whole cage would..."
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Enlarge photo 2
Barney & Muffin's Condo
"Where can I get this run from please..."
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Enlarge photo 3
Barney & Muffin's Condo

Enlarge photo 4
Barney & Muffin's Condo
"That looks awesome! I'm sure you hav..."
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Enlarge photo 5
2x4 grid cage

Enlarge photo 6
Another view
"4X2 grids are way too small for 4 gu..."
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Enlarge photo 7
Another view

Enlarge photo 8
Split cage
"That's really cool, and a good idea...."
"That a awesome design the piggies lo..."
"That looks like a good idea. My 2 p..."
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Enlarge photo 9
Another view
"I love these cages. My grandson jus..."
"What kind of a comment is it to say ..."
"is that a 2×6?"
"is that a 2×6?"
"what do u put at the bottom of the c..."
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Enlarge photo 10
Another view
"Are those skinny guinea pigs?"
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Enlarge photo 11
Kara's Cage
"This one looks really nice!!"
"That is so cool! I'm sure your piggi..."
"If im not able to get it offline wha..."
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