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Cavy Cages - Linoleum Base
Cavy Cages is a Guinea Pig Cages website providing information on proper guinea pig cages and sizes. Before you buy a cage, check out this website. The Cubes and Coroplast design is superior in many ways.
Absolutely, positively can't find Coroplast? Linoleum works also. It won't last quite as long and if the cage is long, may put some pressure on the middle grid walls, but it is still workable. You also may want to be very sure that they don't nibble on edges. See the options page for ideas on preventing chewing.
Date(s): March 9, 2002. Album by 1 - 7 of 7 Total. 34606 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Cavy Spirit Cage
"Can you take of the top layer?"
"I like that, thats got alot of spacc..."
"I think it's brilliant! If I were a ..."
"That's like guinea pig heaven for th..."
"Is there a top?"
"i like that cage alot, i like the ..."
"i love the cage!im going to make a s..."
"Are these cage components the same t..."
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Enlarge photo 2
Cleaning flap
"This one is really too wide. We woul..."
"I was wondering how do you hinge the..."
"cable ties im guessing"
"the girds come with connectors to fi..."
"The linoleum is what I am going to h..."
"I´m planning to do cage that has lin..."
"This is the best idea I've seen so f..."
"im planning on doing linoleum hopefu..."
"Tanja- it says how to make all the s..."
"i want to use this idea! it looks so..."
"i actually just made a cage with lin..."
"does the linoleum durable and longla..."
"how many panels does it take?"
"they would choow on the lonoliam"
"If you're lucky enough to live near ..."
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Enlarge photo 3
Cleaning flap
"I like the idea of a cleaning flap. ..."
"great idea!"
"oh my gosh that is so kool i was wo..."
"Great idea it soo helpful when i'm c..."
"do they die if they chew on linolium..."
"how expenseive is it?"
"Nice idea."
"such a great cleaning tool!!!"
"can't the piggies chew on that mater..."
"will the piggies get sick if they ch..."
"o dont like that material cause it c..."
"WOW!!! that is giant!!! How much was..."
"great idea! so convenient. we'll hav..."
"Wow! really smart idea was the cage ..."
"this is so cool thanks for the idea!..."
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Enlarge photo 4
Cavy Spirit Cage
"Is it dangerous to have the top leve..."
"I dont think they would be dumb enou..."
"my cavey's have never jump of a ledg..."
"Mine have never fell either, they li..."
"thats cute but i think it is kinda d..."
"good idea i want a big cage for my f..."
"isnt that ramp a little bit to steep..."
"my piggers would just love running u..."
"i like that cage size and even the l..."
"its cool and creative but dont you t..."
"its really big nice"
"My boy Nimbus is a Jumper, he'd take..."
"the bungy cords are like right where..."
"they could probably bite the blinds*..."
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Enlarge photo 5
Cavy Spirit Cage
"I hope your guenea pig(s)dont get a ..."
"wow. what a dumb comment"
"wow. what a dumb comment"
"wow. what a dumb comment"
"wow. what a dumb comment"
"There was no need for Quote: "w..."
"That cage is awsome. I am planning o..."
"I made a cage with a linoleum bottom..."
"Wow how many piggies do you have?"
"stupid! call me 901-872-7730"
"Don't think for a second piggy pigs ..."
"hey nice cage i was bout to get a co..."
"shut the f'n hell up frigen erica b..."
"casey i have some advice for you. yo..."
"evrybody just calm down!!!!!!!!"
"ok coroplast works better but it dos..."
"hey victor check your spelling next ..."
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Enlarge photo 6
Cavy Spirit Cage
"A "hospital" cage (standar..."
"This is a cool critter room. I hope..."
"That is a GREAT caging idea! If I ha..."
"I love it, I wish I had that much ro..."
"I wish I had the money and the creat..."
"does that take a long time to clean ..."
"Wow! How many guineas do you have?"
"The only problem i can think of woul..."
"actually david it looks like the din..."
"How much did it cost to build this? ..."
"That is a lot af piggies how many do..."
"i see lots of pigs how many do you h..."
"i have a cage exactly like that for ..."
""Goofs <> i see lots of p..."
"that cage is huge could you tell whe..."
"nice cages must took a long time to..."
"I like how you did the cages but how..."
"that cage is rad i think you shold c..."
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Enlarge photo 7
Cavy Spirit Cage
"Where do you get your cages?"
"wow! I'm using a 10 gallon aquarium ..."
"lora is kind of a snot"
"Indeed she seems so. o-o' I'm al..."
"lora isn't a snot, you're just stupi..."
"well, meghan was a little ignorant w..."
"i agree with angel"
"moon, Aquariums should NEVER be use..."
"in all fairness to moon...She (or he..."
"i agree, i did catch that part. :)"
"wow, this is awesome"
"I need to know if there is top"
"lora isnt kind of a snot and the pe..."
"Nobody here is rude but you, another..."
"hey im just about to get two small s..."
"cool cage! Im going to build a c an ..."
"God u guys are bitches i mean black ..."
"haha, you all make me laugh, very ha..."
"Erm... to be frank with you all, why..."
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