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Cavy Cages - Bunk Bed Cage
Cavy Cages is a Guinea Pig Cages website providing information on proper guinea pig cages and sizes. Before you buy a cage, check out this website. The Cubes and Coroplast design is superior in many ways.
Jade's Bunk Bed Cage which includes some great ideas for recycling inexpensive items into cavy cage accessories. For more info on this cage, see this Cavies Galore thread.
Date(s): June 29, 2002. Album by 1 - 15 of 39 Total. 47001 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
The Bunk Bed Cage!
Floor-level view
"This is so cool. When i make a cage ..."
"That is a very cool idea to put the ..."
"Nice Job, I like your ideas!"
"This cage is so awesome I want it fo..."
"Cool Cage! I bet your cavies love it..."
"this is the best cavie cage i have s..."
"I have just started my cage and you ..."
"I like i wiss mine had a cage like t..."
"Thats really cool!! Great idea! Yo..."
"your the best cage maker i really l..."
"VERY GOOD IDEA!!! That's the best!!!"
"This is a really good idea... It's r..."
"I call top bunk!"
"Ur guinea pig cage is ace. I've not ..."
"WOW!ur bed rocks"
"WOW WOW WOW lots of space!!!"
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Enlarge photo 2
Upstairs-Cubes and Coroplast
The top portion, made with cubes and coroplast, which I will call the "upstairs! cage". When I say upper !deck, I am referring onl!y to a deck within the upstai!rs or the downstairs cage, i!t does not mean the top port!ion of the bunk bed.1!
"your piggies are so cute"
"your himmies are so cute!! can anyo..."
"Wow! How big are those cavies? They ..."
"nice cage but how do you clean it?"
"I love how cute your Pigges are! I ..."
"My mom and I should make something l..."
"you rock at making cages do you like..."
"I like this cage alot. I loved the h..."
"I forgot to add, my pigs loved the h..."
"and, your piggies are adorable!"
"cute piggies."
"hey i luv gc call me if ur pigs luv ..."
"ok well that front one that white on..."
"Cute guinea pigs!"
"How do u clean it? Nice oinkers lol ..."
"awesome!i wish i had enough space to..."
"How cute! My guinea pigs gave birth ..."
"Nice house, but alittle odd."
"this is so cool"
"Piiiiggggggggiiiiieeeesssss!! =D"
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Enlarge photo 3
Upstairs-Unfinished Upper Deck
In this pic you can see the unfinished upper deck behind my piggie. I put it halfway down the length of the cube grid because I have one visually impaired pig in this cage.
"Does the "Visually Impaired Pig..."
"awwwwww!! these cavies would have a ..."
"great job is that pig blindif is poo..."
"great job is that pig blindif is poo..."
"If He's Visually impaired, How DOS ..."
"awwww your pig is so cute mine has s..."
"They realy r cute, i have old bunk b..."
"It's like a piggy mansion!"
"It's like a piggy mansion my piggys ..."
"What a cavy house!"
"awwww... so cute! if i were a visual..."
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Enlarge photo 4
Temporary Grid Tent
This photo of Cheyenne shows the temporary tent I made for the pigs to get under until I can find them a good house. I used two cube grids connected at right angles with the grid connectors, and covered it with a rug. This would only be a temporary solution, because for the long term, I would not want my pigs eating the rug.
"nice cage"
"that is a cool tent idea!"
"is the tent coolmy pig is always re..."
"You take tent siriously...cool!"
"I Don't know What to Say! Wow!"
"Is that a tent?"
"marry me jade!!!"
"I tried to get my parents into buyin..."
"soz aout the dumb qs but wat is a pi..."
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Enlarge photo 5
Hidey House - another view
I left running space on the other side of the tent.
"awwwwww!! these cavy would have a gr..."
"your pigs must have the best owner"
"Hes' SO Cute!!!!"
"He looks like he's trying to keep th..."
"i wish i had a cage like that i have..."
"very cute but u must not have a very..."
"so creative! i have a guinea pig tha..."
"Hannah shut up no one cares wat u th..."
"i think all of ur piggies r adorable..."
"Should I get my son a guinea pig"
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Enlarge photo 6
Plexiglas Front Wall
Inside view of the temporary tent looking through the plexiglass front wall. The coroplast comes up three inches, then the plexiglass goes up 9 inches from there.
"My GP Caramal would love that 'tent'..."
"your pigs look like my pig snowy see..."
"How do you make a tent like that?"
"How many guinea pigs DO you have? I..."
"i feel so sorry for u :)"
"ur a b*tch hannah"
"uhh hannah.. Why do you feel sorry ..."
"i agree with rayn :) hannah: .l."
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Enlarge photo 7
Ramp to Upper Deck
This is a good shot of the ramp wtih Silky and Charlotte sharing a piece of lettuce. I made the ramp from a piece of wood, covered it with coroplast to protect the wood from urine (better than "bareback"), and put a piece of red carpet for the pigs for traction. It is secured at the top with a wire underneath that holds it to the cube grid.
"do they really go up that ramp? I co..."
"allyour pigs right are there more if..."
"Did you make that upper raft or did ..."
"that orange, black, and white cavy i..."
"you have some of the most beautiful ..."
"OMG, that setup is so fetch, u are s..."
"Could you tell me how to make a ramp..."
"tha fartawuy maicc na sens thraiw up..."
"HEY!! I used to have a gpig named Ch..."
"that is so cool! i just got two guin..."
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Enlarge photo 8
"this piggie is very cute is it a cor..."
"ur piggy is soooooooooo cute! :)"
"awwwwwwwwwwww she looks so cute"
"look at those eyes"
"she is very cute"
"ooooohhhhhhhh i wish i had one! it l..."
"How lovely to provide such a simple ..."
"great idea, you have been very creat..."
"So how exactly do u make a hammock??..."
"wowza that is a cool idea! i always..."
"she is so cute!Im going to get a pai..."
"Me and my almost twin cousin Jenny a..."
"Please explain what an "Almost ..."
"How and what did you make the hamock..."
"AWWW HOW CUTE!! ^____^"
"hi,I have had my guinea pig for only..."
"I wish my Guinea Pig wouldn't eat ev..."
"very cool cages ive decided to make ..."
"amazing how does he (or she) get up ..."
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Enlarge photo 9
Hay Rack - Empty
The pigs love this idea. I took a pic without hay inside so people can see it for what it is, or rather, was. It is a new unused shower caddy that I purchased at a thrift store for 1$. The red paper behind it was just for showing it better in the picture.
"That is a GREAT idea :0) hayracks r ..."
"Good idea!"
"cool! But does it matter how much ha..."
"This is my FAVORITE idea yet!! I HAT..."
"great idea"
"I am going to do this. I just got ri..."
"Did you make it?"
"Thats cool!!!! just about anything c..."
"that idea is really good because its..."
"the website www.cavycages.com is rea..."
"i meant about guinea pigs!!!"
"I have that rack already!!!! cool! t..."
"mai faivuret colur is thu ries"
"Awesome :3"
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Enlarge photo 10
Hay Rack - With Hay
I usually fill it much fuller than this to start, but we were at the bottom of the bag and I had to go buy more hay that day. Behind the hay rack and above the level of the coroplast, is a thin sheet of plexiglass or rather acrylic plastic to help keep the hay from spilling out.
"This is an AWESOME idea! And cheap ..."
"that is a really good idea with the ..."
"Nice idea."
"wow! its almost like a hay net!!! li..."
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Enlarge photo 11
Attaching Coroplast to grids
I puched holes in the coroplast and used a zip tie to secure the hay rack so it would not wobble, or could not be knocked off if a pig tried to crawl under.
"That is helpful! My pigs would knock..."
"My cavy, armed with his trusty tin-s..."
"Corolast & grids for guinea pigs cag..."
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Enlarge photo 12
Grid - Overlapped and Secured
I had to do some overlap to make my grid cage fit the space I was limited to. I used both duct tape in the color of my cube grids, AND zip ties to be extra secure. I put the tape and zip ties down the overlapping ends as well as the side that is pictured.
"Security is definately very importan..."
"u r a good owner!"
"wickid! how come i neva thought of t..."
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Enlarge photo 13
I call it Silky's Sleeping bag... it is a homemade cavy cozy. Charlotte is as snug as a bug in a rug in there. I made it from an overstuffed quilted placemat looking thing that I purchased at a thrift store. Just secure by attaching velcro closures.
"awwwwwwww how cute its so neat how u..."
"how did you make that? It is soooooo..."
"This is soooo adorable, but I do hav..."
"That is a very good idea. A sleeping..."
"AwWwW!! How do you get your Guinea P..."
"I wish that I could have room for on..."
"awwww that is so cute you are so luc..."
"very very cute, but won't they urina..."
"that is such a great idea. i am goin..."
"How did you make that, its cute!"
"it's soooooooooooooooo cute"
"i hav to try that"
"I think that's a smart & really cute..."
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh it is sooooooooo c-u-t-..."
"Cooooooooooooooooollllllll is discom..."
"he looks sosnug in there sweet idea!..."
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Enlarge photo 14
New House
The "house" I eventually purchased. It was a storage container until I cut doors on both ends for the pigs to go in and out of.
"you can use plastic stools too they ..."
"That is cool! Even I could make that..."
"I am NOT creative, but even I could ..."
"My pigs would knock that over and ch..."
"Thats tubtastic!"
"That's a relly good idea!!!"
"Don't they chew the plastic? That's ..."
"This cage is really neat! It looks l..."
"Good idea!"
"sheena, it looks like your pigs r th..."
"I saw it and made one just like it!!"
"doesn't the door have sharp sides?"
"wow that is smart i will so try that..."
"i love it my friend gave me a pigloo..."
"G-hetto! Im kidding xD I do that to...."
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Enlarge photo 15
Pig House
Inside the new pig house of the upstairs cage. Charlotte in front and Silky in back. I cut the doors out with tin snips actually. And smoothed over rough edges with a hobby knife, like the kind used in model airplane building.
"awwwwww!! these cavies would have a ..."
"Charlotte is yhe kind of cavie i wan..."
"Adorable piggies!!!!!"
"Wheres his dick its chhesy &)(&"
":o soz tht was ma m8 just delete the..."
"Ok.The brown and black guinea pig is..."
"looks like they have a secret"
"i have a guinea pig too!WHAT`S IT`S ..."
"Charlotte has my name x3 I love you..."
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