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Want to Adopt a Guinea Pig or Two? Please see our adoption requirements and online application for these lovely piggies on the Adopting page.Some guinea pigs are available to be paired up with a guinea pig that you may have at home. But some of them are bonded pairs or trios and need to stay together. Please do not expect questions posted in the guestbook below to be answered. You must contact us via email or phone or online adoption application for a response. Please note that any guinea pigs currently in foster homes are so indicated with the town they are living in. We usually bring the guinea pigs someone is interested in to the main Cavy Spirit rescue in San Mateo for the adoption process.
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Enlarge photo 1
Cookie is such a sweet and gentle pig. She came to us from a local shelter - she was very pregnant at that time! She had 3 babies, and all did great. She was a fantastic mom! She is now living with Bamboo, who was surrendered along with her and they get along great. They would love to find a great new home together!
"i am chelsea and i am looking for a ..."
"how much??? and where r u guys???"
"Wouldn't that be Cookie the Second? ..."
"where do ya'll live and how much wou..."
"I would love to buy cookie from you..."
"How old is she? Will Cookie and Bamb..."
"He is so cute"
"She is a very good looking girl. I ..."
"I would love one im 14 and about to ..."
"do you have to have the babie with c..."
"If I could, Id take in cookie within..."
"i`m ella i want a little guinea pig ..."
"i hope the best of luck to beautiful..."
"how much?"
"i just moved and id love to have a f..."
"i see all the others that want cooki..."
"where do you live?"
"do thay bite?"
"how old is Cookie"
"does she have to come with cookie?"
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Enlarge photo 2
The beautiful girl.
"Haha Cookie is my favrite name for a..."
"awwwww..... you are sooooooooo cute!..."
"i live right by you guys! i am going..."
"She is so cute! If my house was not ..."
"i would love to adopt her cause i d..."
"now thays a real cutie...ive got a g..."
"omg i love her she is beautiful i wa..."
"I love guinea pigs i hope she makes ..."
"but isee all the others that want co..."
"I love cookie he's soooooo cute!!!!!..."
"The music on the homepage sums it up..."
"i want you so bad my dad said rats b..."
"Im want a guinea pig from here judt ..."
"I love animals i would honestly adop..."
"i want this guinea pig"
"that guinea pig looks like myn!"
"oooooo sooooooooooooooooooo cccccc..."
"Cookie is just the cutest! I wish I ..."
"awww,so cute,I have a gunia pig and ..."
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Enlarge photo 3
Sharing some lettuce with her baby!
"That is beatiful and very cute! I..."
"there soooooooooo cute!i would buy t..."
"She is absolutely gorgeous. Very cut..."
"awwww super cute how much is cookie ..."
"Her baby is absoulty the cutest thin..."
"aww she is so cute i want her ive be..."
"i have 4 piggys and they live in a 3..."
"Is the baby ready for adoption or ca..."
"She is soooooooo cute!"
"how cute is this baby i wont 1 so ba..."
"the baby looks so cute im getting tw..."
"is the baby for adoption also"
"aww! cookiee shee soo pretty! i hav..."
"it is so gorgeous!!!!!!"
"i have 2 guinea pigs and they are 1 ..."
"Wow people! Didn't they say NO repea..."
"Awe There So Adorable!(:"
"Awe There adorable!"
"awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! I r..."
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Enlarge photo 4
Bamboo is a handsome and friendly young male guinea pig. He is about 7-8 months old. Bamboo was neutered, and is now living with Cookie. He came into rescue from the shelter with her, and we think he is her son from a previous litter. Bamboo is a super handsome young pig, and is very friendly after lots of time in foster care! He would love a new home to share with Cookie.
"He's so cute and a good picture pose..."
"how much is he plz email back"
"He is very cute.I have a guinea pig ..."
"He is adorable! I want to adopt him ..."
"Plz tell ho much this cute litte guy..."
"bamboo is look likes a marshmallow a..."
"Bamboo is a handsome little sweetie ..."
"Hey I will apdot this little cute ad..."
"Hi, I'm interested in adopting Bambo..."
"I have been looking for another male..."
"i would love to have Bamboo. the onl..."
"i would love to adopt please email m..."
"Hi, I would like to adopt Bamboo if ..."
"bamboo is so cute and i just want to..."
"he is so cute can we adopt him."
"OMG! LOL! He's SO cute! How much's h..."
"L.O.V.E., luv him!!!"
"No one copy me!!!"
"how old is he i am looking for a pla..."
"i know he will get a loving home.he ..."
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Enlarge photo 5
What a cutie pie! We can't believe how long this gorgeous and friendly boy has been in rescue. Is yours the forever home he's so hoping for?
"He is so beautiful and takes such pr..."
"If he is really nice, then I will ge..."
"how much is that little cutie! He lo..."
"where would he be coming from? i wou..."
"I would love to buy cute little bamb..."
"this guinea pig is so cute!!!!!!!!!!..."
"OMG what a cutie! Im 10 years old an..."
"Hi I would like to adopt Bamboo if h..."
"luv him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"He is so cute but I mite beable to g..."
"Hi I would like to by him.how much w..."
"hi I am Alex.I would like to by bamb..."
"My sister really wants bAmboo!!!!!! ..."
"Bamboo is so cute I hope I can get h..."
"dear owner now, My parents may consi..."
"Bamboo is adorable, and Cookie is go..."
"Awe! What a little cutie :) I think ..."
"He has a cool tan color with cool ey..."
"Goregous! So cute!"
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Enlarge photo 6
"its so cute how much"
"aww i would love this guinea pig!!! ..."
"he is so cute and looks very fun to ..."
"we luv Bamboo he's so cute! Is he a..."
"Bamboo is sooooo sweet, I wish I cou..."
"Bamboo is so cute and cuddly. I wish..."
"Those are the biggest eyes ever!!!! ..."
"O MY GUINEA PIG !!!!!!!!! How CUTE"
"i would love bamboo as my pet guinea..."
"He looks like a very nice animal! If..."
"he is soooooo cute"
"He looks so adorable! I have a dog t..."
"OMG!! Cutetest thing i ever saw"
"is he still up for adoption?"
"how can u addopt him??"
"Awh! He is so adorable! I wish he w..."
"Hi this is the perfect guinea and he..."
"bamboo more like bamboooooooooooo..."
"Yeah, I Know It Says no Repeating Le..."
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Enlarge photo 7
Jupiter is a sweet and wonderful male guinea pig, who is looking for a great home with another male pig to be his new buddy! He's a very big boy, but is only 8 months old. He is calm and relaxed, and loves his veggies!
"i have a male guinea pig that looked..."
"he is so cute and cuddly"
"That's my guinea pig! I got him a mo..."
"I am looking for a new male piggie t..."
"I've got a girl guniea pig. Can he m..."
"he is very cute i wnt him...."
"i need a boy guniea pig about 9 mont..."
"You people are retarded- stop postin..."
"My guinea pig passed away yesterday...."
"my baby pig Sage is looking at the s..."
"I just filled out an app to adopt. ..."
"i want him because he is adorable an..."
"8 MONTHS!? Can't be! lol"
"Were is your rescue center?? I have ..."
"i want to buy one i live in sanjose..."
"hi im looking for a guniea pig to be..."
"Jupiter is adorable; I love chubby g..."
"HI my name is emily amd i would love..."
"can i please get it?"
"how much and were are yall located"
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Enlarge photo 8
"how much is she"
"how much is Jupiter"
"where do u live?"
"adorable and chubby!."
"aw! he is so cute how much is Jupite..."
"love the color on jupiter"
"i love the color on jupiter l..."
"Jupiter is so CUTE!!! Where is your..."
"when can i have him."
"I can't wait were can I adopt him"
"Oh the fun we'll have hanging you up..."
"Awwwww!!! Jupiter fits his name. And..."
"so adoreable is he still with u"
"why is she/he called jupiter?"
"I want to adopt this guinea pig beca..."
"He is soooooo manly! I WANT HIM SO B..."
"Cavy Torture Fun, YOU MAKE ME SICK!!..."
"Chill, Cavy torture is just some idi..."
"Hi if you want to adopt, go to the a..."
"What did you say about jupiteradopt ..."
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Enlarge photo 9
Just look at those lips!
"you look like you heve an attitude! ..."
"look at that nose it's addorible"
"Like him wish i could adopt all the ..."
"I want to feed you to a snake"
"I want to torture you!!! I'd make yo..."
"AW so cute! looks just like my pigs ..."
"jupiter is sooo adorable..i have thr..."
"calwahoo07 i bet everyone here wo..."
"calwahoo07 is a poor sad worthless d..."
"That's my stud. You go, Jupiter!"
"@yve yeah i agree that kid should sh..."
"Is there any way to delete the hatef..."
"So adorable! I could just cuddle him..."
"he is so cute,also calwahoo07 that i..."
"I dont know why ether ashely he is s..."
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