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Brooks N Mays Teddy Roosevelt Terriers
Welcome to our wonderful world of Rat Terriers and Teddy Roosevelt Terriers.

We are located in Michigan. Our home is located down a two-track, nestled in the trees and sided by heavy, wooded acreage. The land is shared by black bear,mountain lion,bob cat,coyote,wild turkey,deer,hawk,red fox,and the usual opossum,racoon,skunk,rabbits, and squirrels.

Our dogs have their own fenced back yard to run,explore, and play in. The fence also helps protect them from the wild life. There is a separate outdoor kennel for puppies, and a second one to keep the females in and the males out when the females are in season. That way everyone can be outdoors for play time during the day. We also have an extra kennel for visitors.

We also reserve the right not to sell, trade, or re-home, any of our adults,or older pups, or puppies, to anyone for any reason at any time.

Our dogs are also cared for by our trusted,caring,vet and the awesome staff who give the yearly exam, their dentals and shots when needed.  We like to make sure our dogs patellas and hips are checked and also their heart . Cardio exams and testing have been done by a Specialist. We have also started PLL and DM testing now. We try to stay Holistic as possible here.  We change our dog food/flavor every three to four months for good all around nutrition. We also do an alternate raw feed. Our whelping mothers are fed a diet of boiled hamburger,rice, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt,to help with digestion after the whelp. Then slowly add her dog food back into her diet. We try to avoid all artificial preservatives,corn,wheat,soy, coloring and gluten.

Our litters are whelped in a private room. They are weighed, cleaned, and their picture is taken before they even receive their first meal. They are kept under a heat lamp until their eyes are open to insure they eat properly. They are also placed on a low heat covered heating pad for a couple weeks. They are played with and handled several times a day. At three weeks they are introduced to Organic Rice cereal and Esbilac. At four weeks they receive gruel, and at five weeks they will start on just the puppy food,which is Purina One Lamb/rice Healthy Puppy. After they have had their first shots, then we allow a few to play and visit with the pups. From the first day to the last day these pups are here, they are handled daily and also temperament tested. We try to get everyone of them on the same page before they go to their forever homes. They are all vet examined thoroughly at least three times before they go to their forever homes. We only have one litter a year, and we do not ship. At this time we have taken a break from breeding. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

We have produced some beautiful Champions, and Grand Champions, and also have bred the #1 Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Top Ten Winner in the U.S. for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. In 2013 Dunbar won "Reserve Best in Multi Breed Show" under Judge Marian Campbell. Wohota won the " The Award of Excellence" in Top Ten For 2013. Dunbar also received "The Award of Excellence" in Top Ten for 2014 and in 2015 another "Award Of Excellence" in Top Ten for our Dunbar.

We are blessed to have had many males and females in the Top Ten that we have bred, and now we are watching the grand dogs, and the great grand dogs getting titled and making it into the Top Ten in the U.S. as well.

This wonderful breed is also good in Terrier Races, Lure Chasing, Agility, Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Nose Work, Rally, Den Dog, Pet Therapy Dog, as well as being your companion, travel buddy and best friend.

These TRTs are great companion dogs, who want nothing more than to please their owners. They are funny, happy, loving, and have such a great temperament. They are very smart and trainable, and are a true joy to own. They will also hunt squirrel, love to dig up moles, and will rid the premise of any unwanted vermin. So they can hunt, cuddle up on the couch with you, travel well, and also are good with children and the handicapped. I guess one could say they are an exceptional, good, all around dog.  We have been blessed, and we hope you enjoy viewing our Teddy Roosevelt Terriers. Please don't forget to stop by and visit the fun page so you can see how we live with our fur kids.

FMI: please email me at  tricolorpuppies2@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking,
Mary Ann & Dean

We are proud members of United Kennel Club, United Kennel Club International, United Teddy Roosevelt Terrier Club of America, Health Tested Teddy Roosevelt Terriers,  

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Family Fun at Brooks Ratties & TRT's
1. Family Fun at Brooks Ratties & TRT's 
We have to share pictures of our family, both humans & dogs.
Hope you get a feel for who we are thru our pictures and the love we share with our animals.
Thanks for looking,
Mary Ann & Dean
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Teddy Roosevelt Terriers
2. Teddy Roosevelt Terriers 
This folder shows our awesome Teddies. There will be several albums to view, just use the drop down menu and click on an album.

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Meet the other members of our family
3. Meet the other members of our family 
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In Memory of Darby our Therapy Dog
4. In Memory of Darby our Therapy Dog 
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